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Favorite Bionicle Media?


How do you like getting your Bionicle?  

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I really liked the first three movies, something like that would be a great way to tell the story of the new Bionicle as well, as long as they're good (which might be too much to ask for).


I heavily disliked the serials. I wouldn't want to see them return if Greg was their author.

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Most Fav: Books - They were memorable. You can vision what is going on!
Least Fav: Movies/Films - The props and set pieces were pretty good. But the character design disappoints me (since it doesn't look like the sets for the most part), and it just felt dumbed down compared to the books.

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Most favorite was the books, easily. So many great and memorable novels, and a major inspiration for me.


As for least favorite, not really sure. Maybe the typical web content that never really told much?

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Most favourite way to get Bionicle content is by the serials. I want to know what's going on in another place.


Least favourite way to get content is the comics. They usually skip a bunch of parts the story.


If Bionicle returns, I want to see the web videos and online animations. Those trailers and teasers are pretty awesome.




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I dunno, my favorite medium kinda changed from year to year. Early on it was the MNOLG and comics, but later it was the books. And I was never a fan of getting relevant story info just from Greg, which kinda seemed too nitpicky or something at times.


I wouldn't mind seeing Bionicle come back with a TV show, but I'm hesitant. Lego can pull it off, as proven by Ninjago... but they also have Hero Factory and Legends of Chima, which are not nearly as high a quality IMO. I'd be afraid that Bionicle would get a second-rate treatment like Hero Factory and the show would waste its potential. :shrugs:



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1. Books. I always enjoyed reading them. If I could've chosen a second, it would've been the web serials.


2. I chose Comics, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy reading the ones I got. I just enjoyed the story more in the books and serials.


3. I would love to see Bionicle books and web animations come back! I would like to see web serials return as well, though I don't think it is likely. A TV show and/or movie would also be cool, depending on the story that was being told. 

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My preferred media is the online content, games and movies. My least favourite is definitely the books, largely because so much story was isolated in them and I couldn't get them, making it very difficult to follow the story. I should like the comics but they often focus a bit too heavily on action for my liking.

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1) Books. Loved, loved, LOVED the books. I mean, getting a comic in the mail was always exciting, but it never quite compared to getting a book and reading it, in my opinion.


2) Other Web content. Most of the time there just wasn't a whole lot of useful or interesting information in character bios and the like. Never really paid attention to them as a result.


3) Comics, Books, Serials, Films, A TV Series, and Web Videos/Animations. Think that would cover the story fairly well and offer a wide variety of ways for fans to get content, too.



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I voted online games as my favourite, mostly because of MNOLG. My least favourite would be Greg Answers. They're really not that fun to read and I would like to get the information without having to ask Greg first (or reading the answers to other peoples' questions, that is).

As for media I'd like to see for Bionicle's return, I voted everything apart from an MMOG (clever name :P), I just don't really see such a game working out for Bionicle. But I'd love to be proven wrong.

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1) Favorite was the online games like MNOG or VNOG. I also really liked the books and serials.

2) Other web content, like the character bios. I don't think I ever really learned anything useful from those.  -_-

3) Honestly, for media, anything would probably be fine. I think I'd most like to see online games, animations, books, serials, and comics though.

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Favorite: Books. I generally think books are the best way to tell stories (not that I don't appreciate other ways). You can just go into so much more detail in a book.

Least favorite: Comics. I had a hard time choosing--I like all of the options presented to one degree or another. But after the first few years, the comics really went downhill IMO. They (for the most part) became filler-y side stories or abridged versions of the novels, neither of which was very interesting to me.


I voted for everything to return, and "something else." Maybe this is just me, but I think a Bionicle concept album, preferably with in-universe music, would be an interesting way to portray the story.

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I didn't like Greg answers all that much because it revealed small bits of story without official clarification that just became hectic to compile. Plus, it led to fans asking millions of pointless questions and characters being canonized which made things confusing. I appreciated him doing that for the fans, but it was not an ideal way to get additional story details.


As for my favourite, probably comics. They were free, informative, and full of art and I'm sure a majority of people have more comics above all else. Anyone who had a LEGO magazine subscription would get these comics, so it was actually a brilliant when it comes down to advertising.


But I loved everything. The films, the websites, the serials, and the books - they all expanded a part of the Bionicle universe in new and exciting ways, and I'd love all of these to return in Bionicle's reboot. A TV show is something I always wanted to see as well.


Web movies have to return. Those are an extremely special part of Bionicle and really takes the sets and puts them to action within the story universe. It's so exciting to watch them.




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I enjoyed all the sources, mostly the comics, since they were the most official you could get canon-wise. But like said before, Greg answers were probably the worst, since these days Greg is just confirming most things suggested t him. (Don't know why I picked other web content for the least favorite)


I'd really like to see serials come back, because I really enjoyed the sub-plots about what old characters were doing.



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Unfortunately the Media quality and quantity started to decrease over time, but one I miss and actually my favorite were the web animations. They were simple, likable, fun and more important: They were CANON. Plus, I'm sure they didn't cost too much to make. 

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1. My first impulse was to put Online Games because of the MNOLG, but I went for Web Animations instead. (The MNOLG is practically a collection of cutscenes, after all.) I don't like every web cartoon2005 and 2006 were blehbut all of Templar's material was golden, even up through the Vahki animations. I'd love for them to bring back Templar, but if they don't, I hope they can find a team that puts as much effort and passion into their projects as Templar did. 


(Also, hopefully they don't go for voice acting, because that always ends up cringe-y. Text and machine noises all the way!)


2. Serials. Nothing wrong with them in theory, but they got really bad really fast. In second place I'd say Comics, even though I liked a lot of them. Unfortunately around 2006 they just became overstuffed summaries of the novels, which was a real waste. If they bring back novels as well as comics, they need to find a way for them to coexist. Different stories entirely, perhaps.


3. Up for anything

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Books, books, books! I looove the books! Comics are nice 'cause pretty pictures, but they were almost always exactly what you found in the books, but skipping 80% of everything that happens. I would love to see new Bionicle books come out! I'd read them to bits, and it would probably take me about a tenth of the time that it used to :P 

I voted games as least favorite. As someone who is notoriously awful at games, I hate to have to miss out on stuff like story cause I cant advance :/

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I loved the MNOG because it gave you a fun experience where you could travel, explore, interact, and get fun canon all at the same time. It had a lot that the other games were all missing. 


I can't think of any media I really don't like but the comics are kinda vague and don't give you the full picture. They can be confusing at times. But they're still welcome in my book.


With Bionicle media, for me it's the more the merrier, so I checked off everything.  :P

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