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Those Under the Stars

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Those Under the Stars


This is the Profile Topic for A Journey of Sand, Stars, and Spirit. Here you'll post profiles once they've been approved in the Discussion Topic and I'll keep things organized. In order to help me with this, please do keep all your characters in one post. Thanks!


Player- Characters :

The Lorax - Ofeo

EmissaryTrun Rawlins

Ahktu - Zivuch

TBK Kovant, Liina

Shadow_Ignited Rileka

Urchin Mercure

Ghidora131 Dessimus



Profile Form:

This is what you fill out to put a character into this journey. A little information on the village we begin in: 


Bolrum-Koro is located on the edge of a forest and the ocean, mainly a lumber and fishing village. Relatively peaceful, considering, and has an active enough port that trade is possible but dangerous with the chaotic tendencies of the Sea of Sand and Saltwater. 


Update: Your character may now be any reasonable Species, as we have arrived at the City of Flame. The City is large enough to be considered perhaps the biggest in this age, and is sustained by vast fields of Thornax, as such Stew is a staple here. Most buildings are made of metal or stone to resist the fire and explosive hazards of the volcano and fields they live by. Home to a great number of craftsmen, blacksmiths, and warriors who fight in the City's famed Great Arena and Tournaments. 


Name: (Bionicle-sounding, please.)

Gender: ( Male, Female, neither?)

Species: (Stay reasonable, Toa only if there's a great reason.)

Powers, Abilities, and Skills: (What can they do, what are they good at.)

Equipment: (What they currently have.)

Who: (Personality and Appearance, rolled into one.)

Backstory: (Can range from being a Bolrum-Koro inhabitant to City-dweller. Feel free to create locations, though if they interfere with what I've got planned than I may ask you to change them.)



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Name: Ekko Vae


Gender & Species: Female Glatorian (Vorox subspecies).


Powers, Abilities, and Skills: Ekko is an adept mechanic, with a knack for taking apart and reassembling various forms of small, hand-held devices.  Larger pieces of technology aren't quite her forte, though she's sufficiently mechanically inclined enough to make it work in a pinch.  As with most Vorox, she is naturally physically capable, more so than most Glatorian.  Being relatively young, she possesses less implants than most of her species, though those that she does have increase her physical strength beyond that what she would normally be able to achieve.  In addition, her left eye is completely robotic, and while lacking the ability to perceive colour, it is able to detect details on a microscopic level.  Ekko doesn't really have any martial training, though her physical prowess can compensate for that.  To a point.


Equipment: Ekko normally has on her person a collection of tools in various states of wear, in addition to a pair of goggles with magnifying lenses.  She does have a large spear-like weapon resembling those used by her people in ages past, though in much better shape.  Unlike most spears, it's head is rather long, just shy of a shortsword in length, while the haft of the weapon is proportionally shorter.  An old-style Thornax launcher is positioned just behind the blade.


Who: Ekko is slighter shorter than your average Glatorian, just enough for it to be noticeable, though not to the point where she has to look up at most beings.  She's solidly built, not overly muscled in the way of a warrior, but definitely not slight either.  Her stinger tail distinguishes her from baseline Glatorian, though she could pass as one should that be somehow hidden.  She wears the rough working clothes common to Balrum-Koro, in addition to cobalt-hued armor on her chest, hands, forearms, and shins when the situation calls for it.  Her tools are generally belted around her waist.  Facially, her features are somewhat avian in appearance, while her dark, midnight hair is worn short for convenience.  Her remaining natural eye is a copper-orange color, while the artificial one glows an eerie cyan.  She tends towards the "act first, think later" mentality, with an otherwise even disposition.


Backstory: Ekko has lived in the small village of Balrum-Koro all her life, working as a mechanic at the port, keeping the traders' and merchants' ships in as "good" repair as possible.  Of course, she lept at the opportunity to escape life in the admittedly quite village.



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Name: Ofeo

Gender and Species: Male Bo-Matoran/Kanoka Hybrid.

Backstory: Ofeo is a builder of canoes that the others of his village use to go out and fish. He takes pride in his work, and likes to produce strong and sturdy boats for others, but his pride and joy is his own small, single-seater kayak that he takes out every morning before the rest of the villagers are up. He paddles south along the coast to the place where a small river comes out, and then upstream into the wilderness. He finds the solitude peaceful and the exploration exciting. On foggy mornings, he slips quietly through the waters while making barely a sound, leading some of the Matoran in the village to nickname him a Mistika. Every day, he returns, tells no-one of his trips and quietly starts about his day, carving boats out of wood.

Ofeo wishes to go to the City of Flames in order to learn more of his craft, and see the larger, more advanced boats that they make there.

Powers, Abilities, and Skills: As a Matoran of plantlife, Ofeo has an innate understanding of and resistance to poisons. He is a skilled boat maker and boat handler. His daily trips to the river in his kayak have built a lot of strength in his arms, shoulders and abdomen, and his work as a boat builder has given him a keen eye for details as he reads the grain of a log of wood and sees the canoe within.

During an attempted mugging in the City of Flames, Ofeo was exposed to the power released by a mask of fusion being struck by an energy blast at the moment it broke open. Also within the blast were three kanoka he had been carrying, disks of enlarge, shrink and teleport. As a result, Ofeo has gained the ability to use these powers on objects around him. He can enlarge or shrink objects within his line of vision. The enlargement or shrinking is not instantaneous, but the amount of change depends on how long the object his subjected to the power. Since the teleportation disk involved was a lower-level kanoka, Ofeo can only use this power on things he is touching.

Equipment: Ofeo carries a pouch with a little money in it and a pack filled with supplies for the journey. While he has left his beloved kayak at home, he has brought his sturdy wooden paddle along with him, to use as a walking stick, a reminder of home, and, in a pinch, an impromptu weapon. It is double-ended and about as tall as he is. 

Who: Ofeo is the standard size for a Matoran, neither large nor small. His mask, hands and feet are dark green while the rest of his body is light blue. His mask was perviously in the shape of a noble kiril. Since his transformation, the patterning of his armour has changed to include a line of circles running down each of his limbs, and a larger, kanoka-sized cylinder over his chest. The shape of his mask changed to resemble a  golden mask of sensory aptitude. Personality-wise, he is hard-working and generally quiet, though not anti-social. He enjoys talking and working with his friends and fellow villagers, but is equally happy with his own thoughts for company. He has a strong sense of what is good and fair, and will stick up for people when he feels that they have been unjustly treated. Finally, Ofeo feels a strong connection to the nature around him, and will likely miss his daily trip away from the village.

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Name: Balfel


Gender: Male Glatorian (Skrall subspecies)


Powers, Abilities, and Skills: in the course of his adventures, scouring ruins and other villages for "useless" books, Balfel has learnt to be proficient with his sword and a master at using the Thornax Launcher. He is also knowledgeable about scraps of lore.


Equipment: A custom Thornax Launcher that loads three Thornax at once(but fires one at a time).

A glowing sword found in the ruins.

His helmet(similar to Certavus's)

Non-rotating Skrall Shield


Water (As well as condenser)




Who: Calm and unassuming, beneath Balfel's typical tough Skrall physique is a quiet scholar and mounds of knowledge. A read headpiece compliments his mostly black armour, his short hair cropped to fit inside his helmet.


Backstory: Balfel is the unofficial book keeper in Bolrum-Koro, his dwelling stuffed full of precious tablets and scrolls. The little Skrall community in the Koro are no loner divided along caste lines, and so Balfel could have a name, and he chose one that meant "explorer" in the old Skrall language, signifying his yearning to search for more information in the wastes. He currently lives in the village, piecing together the history before Mata Nui and generally helping out at the port.

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Name: Trun Rawlins


Gender & Species: Male Agori


Powers, Abilities, Skills: Born and raised in the mining towns of the Iron Tribe, Trun’s knowledge of geology and excavation are second-to-none, though his old age leaves him less enthusiastic regarding the brunt work involved. He has an excellent sense of direction, borne of his days in the dark tunnels of before and on his travels across the sands of Bara Magna. He’s also a skilled cook, having learned the art of food preparation as a way to survive the Iron Tribe’s scattering.


Equipment: Trun carries a crude wooden walking stick, reminiscent of a shillelagh, as well as various culinary tools kept in various packs.


Who: Trun is a gentle man, both in appearance and disposition. A slow-moving and aging figure with a slight stoop from years of labour in the mines, he uses his walking stick for the majority of the time. He usually clothes himself in a set of beige robes and brown sandals, though he still retains a few pieces of orange armour on his arms and legs and such. He enjoys the simple things in life, such as good food and company, and is never adverse to lending a helping hand or a bit advice, so long as it doesn’t conflict with his daily meditation. His face is weathered, but his features are soft, with a gentle smile and fizzling green eyes.


Backstory: Having long traveled the world following the Dreaming Plague and the dissociation of the Iron Tribe, Trun has gained a surprisingly bright outlook on life. He made his way to Bolrum-Koro, where he discovered Lekar’s caravan and the Toa’s intentions to journey to the City of Flames, and he decided to join as a cook.





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Name: Hiko

Gender & Species: Male Glatorian 

Powers, Abilities & Skills: 

  • Is very agile
  • Is a good fighter
  • Very creative
  • He has a slight resistance to heat, due to one of his parents being from the Fire tribe


  • New metal daggers 
  • Supplies
  • Shield
  • His sense of humour


Hiko is an unaffiliated glatorian (not from any specific tribe). He  is quite skinny and wiry but also very flexible and agile. He has jagged armour which is mostly made from miscellaneous scrap metal. The parts of his original armour that are left are bluish-purple and yellowish-white. He often only wears light armour and no helmet.

Hiko is a massive thrill seeker and adrenaline-junkey, performing dangerous actions for the sake of breaking up the monotony and hardship of day-to-day life. He often gets into trouble with people of order and organization due to his stunts, who see him as a force of anarchy that wishes to ruin the little they have left; however, Hiko is chaotic not for evil intents, but simply because he loves excitement - because of this, he finds most people boring.

He is also a party animal, not that there are many parties in the distopia of today. His favourite music is the BIONICLE equivalent of dubstep, which he listens to at top volume.

He tries to stop himself becoming saddened by the state of the world by constantly seeking thrills and taking risks.

Hiko has no prejudice against any species or tribe, only against boring people.


Hiko was born to a father of the fire tribe and a mother of one of the nomad tribes.He was looked after by the Fire Tribe at a young age, but found life as part of a tribe monotonous and, wishing to be free of said monotony, began traveling between the tribes, searching for thrills. He learnt fighting from encountering Bone Hunters and other nomad tribes on his many travels, although some saw him as one of their own.

As society crumbled, the young glatorian found food scarce and was forced to travel more frequently in search of something to feed himself with rather than excitement, often going for days without enough money to buy a meal and with no permanent house to live in.

Bolrum-Koro is his most recent stop but he sees a bright and *un-boring* life ahead of him in the City of Flames.

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Name: Zivuch

Species: Male Bota Magna Zesk

Powers, Abilities, and Skills: Zivuch has no natural powers, but he is a skilled climber and burrower. His modifications allow him to burrow rapidly. His stinger is sharp, as he is somewhat obsessive about it, but has no venom. He is quick, but not a good jumper

Equipment: He wears a backback with some special climbing claws in them, but as they are hard to put on and he doesn't usually need them, these are at the bottom of his pack. He also has a sharpener for his stinger, and some tinted goggles to help prevent glare.

Who:  Zivuch is in general fun-loving, adventurous, and obsessive about keeping his stinger razor-like. He is extremely sensitive about his Bara Magna reletives, and is apt to lash out at anyone who insults any Zesk or Vorox. He looks like most Zesk, but with a slight red tint and a bigger stinger that is very shiny.

Backstory: Zivuch has lived here as long as he can remember. His memory isn't too good, however. He never fit in very well, so he decided he might as well come.

 Kopaka, the coolest(Pun intended) Ko-Toa ever:


"If the fight had turned, Exann might be the one on the floor with Antidermis spurting out of him. This is how battle is. This is how life is." -Mar'jik, Corpus Rahkshi                                       

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Name: Kovant

Gender & Species: Male De-Matoran

Powers, Abilities, and Skills: As a De-Matoran, Kovant possesses extremely acute hearing. He isn't strong or fast, but he is instead smart, relaxed, and extremely resourceful. He also has experience in creating Kanohi when the right tools and resources are available.

Equipment: He bears a recently acquired Garai, along with a belt pouch holding an adequate sum of currency, a notebook with pencils, and a canteen of water. On his thigh, he carries a pair of sharpened throwing knives that he can use proficiently, but hopefully never out of necessity.

Who: With the exception of his cloak, boots, and unusual kanohi, Kovant carries the appearance of an average De-Matoran. And like most De-Matoran, he generally keeps his thoughts to himself and discourages loud noise; what's unusual, however, is his desire to explore. He left behind a booming Kanohi forging business just to travel the world, a goal probably fueled by his curiousity about his own mysterious past. He is a wanderer and almost always alone, but he will listen intently to anything you have to say... as long as you keep your volume to a dull roar. (

Backstory: Kovant may have lead a normal life in the Matoran Universe, but no one really knows -- soon before the Matoran and Agori combined cultures, Kovant's Kanohi was shattered in an earthquake, along with most of his memory. He nearly died before a small tribe of Ta-Matoran took him in and replaced his mask with one from their own forgery, and he lived with them for many years after. Kovant began his own business of Kanohi trading in the City of Flames, and the trade suddenly boomed as the wars broke out. After a few years, he eventually turned the business back to his Ta-Matoran brothers and left to wander Spherus Magna.
His travels are now leading him through the City of Flames once more, and he is eager to see his hometown for a while longer.




Name: Liina

Gender & Species: Female Ta-Matoran

Powers, Abilities, and Skills: As a Ta-Matoran, she possesses the usual trait of heat resistance. Along with gaining some hand-to-hand combat training, she has learned to be hardy and agile in order to survive the last few years in the City of Flames. She wears a cracked Great Matatu.

Equipment: She carries a large jagged blade on her thigh and lugs a backpack wherever she goes, loaded with rope, dry food, flint, a water canteen, and a tarp.

Who: She may be just a matoran, but don't underestimate her -- she also has survived the dark alleys of the City of Flames. Her latest years have been hard ones, and not just because she carries the blame on herself for not being able to save the rest of her tribe. Bearing a stronger personality, she will not back down from any challenge or any foe... unless the notion is obviously beyond stupid. Don't take her sarcasm to heart: beneath the surface, she is still understanding and gentle as from before, but years of hardship have added a shell of indifference.

 Her kanohi Matatu and some accents of her armor is a burnt orange color, but otherwise, she is almost completely deep crimson in color. The condition of her armor is lacking, somewhat rusted and chipped.


Backstory: Liina is the last surviving member of a Ta-Matoran clan. She was part of the Ta-Matoran tribe that adopted Kovant after the earthquake, and she essentially became a sister to him. With the tribe's help, Kovant created a booming Kanohi forge business, and he handed the business back to the tribe in order to travel the world. However, disaster struck, and a fire sent their apartment complex crumbling to the ground with Liina being the only known survivor. She has since survived alone in the streets.

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Name: Rileka

Gender: Female

Species: Ce-matoran

Powers, Abilities, and Skills: 

  • Weak mental barrier (shields from telepathy)
  • Agile
  • Trained in hand-to-hand combat, with swords and daggers
  • Can play the flute
  • ​Excellent swimmer

  • Backpack
  • Dual, black, heavy long-swords
  • A canteen of water
  • Flint
  • Flute
  • Transparent rock that can magnify (Think of a magnifying glass)
  • Mapping tools (compass,pencils, paper, past maps)
  • Black cloak (she wears 98% of the time)


Who: An average Ce-matoran but her armour are is pale in colour. She is slightly shorter and has a yellow-gold design of the Three Virtues over her right eye. At first she may seem quiet and shy but once you get to know her, she is a great listener and a loyal friend and loves exploring and playing her flute. She wears a dark teal Kanohi Calix and has bright, turquoise eyes.

Backstory: She is originally from a small island near the City of Flames, but her new job as a map-maker means she is constantly moving further away from home. Even though she likes visiting her village, she loves exploring more. Had stopped over at the City of Fire for a break and to refresh supplies(before joining the voyage).

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Name: Mercure


Gender/Species: Male, Fa-Matoran [Magnetism]


Powers, Abilities, and Skills: He is skilled with his staff, and he is agile for a Matoran. He also has the natural directional proficiency that all Fa-Matoran possess. Weaknesses: He is smaller and weaker than most others, since he is only a Matoran. In addition, strong electric currents can temporarily disrupt his senses of direction and balance. Though he has a physical weapon, he doesn't have above average strength. His skill sometimes makes up for this.


Equipment: Matoran Kanohi Kadin (shape: Noble Miru).

His weapon is a protosteel staff/lance/spear of some sort, which he paid a high price for. As a result, he doesn’t have much money anymore. No one’s sure if it actually does anything or not, besides being a normal physical weapon. The staff has razor-sharp edges on the end blade. (Shape: Rahkshi Vorahk staff endpiece)

He has a bag with a few stray coins (eight actually) not amounting to much, and some rope from a Ga-Matoran weaver. Not sure what that’ll be used for, but we’ll see. The only other thing in his bag is a mid-sized jar of what appear to be iron filings, most likely remnants from a mask-maker’s forge.


Who: He doesn't talk too much to those he doesn't know, but when he does, he occasionally rambles. He sometimes uses long words and his voice doesn't carry well, as it is very soft. He often whistles to get others’ attention in loud surroundings (like battles). Though he seems aloof and sometimes unfriendly, he does possess great loyalty. He doesn't get angry easily. He is intelligent, and enjoys reading anything he comes across with words in it, as well as learning other languages. He dislikes leading, but he will not blindly follow others either. He enjoys music and observing the surrounding nature (wherever he is), and has a few random small skills such as carving that he’s decent at, but he’s not exactly “gifted” at any of them. Mercure has recently noted that he needs to be taking a job for funds...

His coloration is Gunmetal and Black, with grey arms and legs. His chestplate and body armor is Gunmetal protodermis, matching the color but not the material of his staff’s end. His Mask is Black in color, along with his feet and hands. All these items have scratches that have been polished out several times.


Backstory: Never staying too long in a village, Mercure wandered around the world, getting into many scrapes and somehow coming out alive. Along the way he got everything in his bag and the staff that replaced his old one, which was more like a walking stick. Most recently he came upon the City of Flames, staying there for a short time.




Active Characters



Inactive Characters



Zel'Sai - Naberius




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Name: Dessimus




Gender/species: Male Ko-Matoran




Powers, abilities, and skills: Look to equipment to understand this.


His actual strength is average, and the only actual power he has is his absolutely 20/20 vision. He is a skilled inventor, and a brilliant smith.




Equipment: He almost always remains inside his body-tight exo armour which he developed, which is completely silver and dark gray. It gives him strength the level of a hardened Toa, but it makes him slow. It is also extremely strong itself. He also wears a powerless(obviously) Kanohi Kraakhan.(and do you remember in the Makuta set you could turn his mask to show a face on the top of his head? he wears it like that.)




Who: Silent and cold, Dessimus is constantly serious. He considers those who hurt someone else unreasonably deserve death. Anyone who lessens another being beneath themselves is asking for a few sandwiches, all knuckle, or at least in his opinion. And he hates Thornaxx. Might have an allergy to them or something.




Backstory: He lived in quiet reserve for a long time, that is until he discovered the resources required to make his suit. When that happened, he made his name as a hardened warrior. He never was very expressionate, or showed signs of kindness before he donned the suit of steel. Being in slight authority with power behind his back helped him ease up a bit.

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Name: Kaleke

Gender/Species: Female Ko-Matoran

Powers/Abilities/Skills: Kaleke is a good fighter, excelling in sword fighting. She is great at stealing too.

Equipment: Kaleke carries around her sword which was made out of a sharp tooth of some kind. She also wears a powerless silver Kiril.

Who: Unusually Kaleke is a FEMALE Ko-Matoran, so she tends to have a few similarities to Ga-Matoran. She is very kind and friendly, however being brought up here has turned her into a fierce fighter and a great ally in battle.

Backstory: Once Kaleke had found her weapon, she began to train. She spent most of her time doing this and when she was done, she posed a good threat in battle.




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