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Bohrok Chamber


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Bohrok-Chamber-01 by Xccj, on Flickr

This is for a collaborative display called "The Arcology Project" that some members of PortLUG are planning for BrickCon. The idea is to build 16x16x16 modular units that can easily stack up on each other. And since BrickCon's theme this year is invasion, why would I not build a system Bionicle MOC?

Granted, the chamber is kind of empty. It mainly just features the four Toa minifigs wandering around and the Bohrok symbol mosaic on the back wall.


The Toa figs are not new, but haven't been done a lot before. The masks are from the 2001 Toa Pen kits, and attach to a standard pen bead that sticks onto the torso. The torso decals were added on by Nuju Metru, although the coloring isn't perfect because I was asking too much from him at the time. :P A few problems I've encountered with these figs is that a part of Gali's mask has chipped off, making it harder to connect to the bead, and Kopaka's bead bottom connection has fallen off, making it harder to attach to the torso. And unfortunately these are not easy pieces to replace. :(

The background Bohrok mosaic is really the highlight of the model that I spent a lot of time on. It's 12 studs wide and 34 plates tall, and utilizes the side-plate technique for mosaics, which is the first time I've really tried it out. The mosaic is pretty simple to make... unless you insist on using a rare color like dark tan. I used up pretty much my entire collection of smaller dark tan elements to get this to work, with a few non conventional elements thrown in. (There are some 1x2 slopes where I used the back to replicate a brick.)

The rest of the model is mainly built out to allow for incorporation into the Arcology Project, which includes various connection points at the eight corners of the 16x16x16 cube. The front top connections were a little unstable, so I decided to create a pillar using one of the few Bionicle pieces in dark tan, the long socket. The connection is also rather weak and it couldn't support it all on its own, but it serves to help reinforce, keeps with the color scheme, and looks cool IMO.

I may add to this before BrickCon. I've designed mini Bohrok before, but I was not a fan of them, so unsure if I'll recreate them. Besides, any figures will just get in the way of the really cool mosaic!


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The Bohrok Symbol is really the best touch here. I recognized it immediately and the shaping is incredible for what's essentially a standard mosaic. You didn't have to resort to odd anglings or anything to get that effect.
Those columns seem a little bare. Might be a limitation of the collaboration, I don't know, but they seem ripe for a little bulking up somehow.

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