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Vanquisher of Dragons, Runner of Blockades, and Hero of Naho Bay, may I present:


Toa Naho


^Link to Gallery^


Wielding a Kanohi Kakama and twin Tide Daggers, this Toa of Water is ready to take on any foe, be it Kanohi Dragon or Dark Hunters.


This was just a quick MOC to use some of my new masks and to get some creative juices flowing, but I'm very proud of how it turned out. The original idea was based on a sketch (bottom right corner) I started for Bonesiii's Destiny of Bionicle, but never finished. It turns out that most of my blue pieces are at Brickfair, so the legs are a bit more silver than I would have liked, but I think she looks good.


Please Comment, Critique, and Enjoy!

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Yeah, I would have liked to make her all blue and dark grey, but certain pieces (namely Metru chestplates and feet) are not available in either, so I had to put in some silver. It also worked out because a lot of other pieces in blue were off at Brickfair. Hopefully it turned out "interesting" in a good way. :P


The shoulders are connected straight into the body, and the lower arms are connected to them by a T-Bar and two Exo-Force hands. It's pretty simple.

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