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Who is your favorite Ninjago character?


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As the title asks, who is your favorite Ninjago character? It can be a character from the sets or a character who only appears in the storyline. If you like, you can break it up into groups and select multiple characters (like favorite Ninja, favorite Serpentine, you name it!)


My favorite has been Zane since I first read the chapter book Zane: Ninja of Ice by Greg Farshtey. It did a great job setting up his personality and the mystery of his origins, and later episodes that explored these same aspects of the character did not disappoint!

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Nya. Hands down.

Nya's definitely awesome. It's great that the Hageman brothers were able to create an interesting female character like her and then develop her further as the series progresses.


On a side note, one thing that bothers me a bit is that ever since she became the "team inventor", Jay's own talent for inventing things has been sort of ignored. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, because that could easily be explored as another side of their relationship if the story were to show them inventing things together. It could be used either to deepen their relationship or to create tension.


I'm definitely glad that she's appearing in the sets again this year, though it's a shame that she hasn't appeared in her new non-samurai outfit. Maybe that's something that could appear in next year's sets... it's one of the most unique costume designs not to appear in the sets, and it'd be a shame for that to go to waste.

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My favorite character is Zane, I like his personality and that his story is different from the other ninjas. I haven'r read nor gotten the book of Zane: Ninja of Ice but I may get it later.

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Cole. He's just too much fun! As for favorite Serpentine, Acidicus. Even though he didn't do many important things in the show, he just seemed really awesome to me. His voice was also pretty awesome too, until he told the story of the Golden Master. The voice was too appallingly different. Heck, I even have a favorite Nindroid! My favorite Nindroid is General Cryptor, with Mindroid being a close second.

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