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The winners this round are both Blade and Luroka! If Blade had more health than Luroka I would have named her as the sole victor due to the fact that she took out so many other players this round. However, Luroka out-survived her in health and may have managed to KO her had the round continued for much longer, so they both win.


Unfortunately for Blade, the reward does not really apply to her. But as this is the final round, Luroka shall be awarded with some secret stuff!


So secret.


Good game, everyone! I'll probably leave the topic open for another day or so before I have it closed. :)

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Very good round indeed! ^^


Also, I'm totally fine with this outcome. ^^ It's an infinitely great ending, since I got to actually have a round ending duel, I actually got use out of Mewtwo X/Y Armour, there were so many awesome fights going on, and Luroka deserved a chance. ^^


Good fighting, Luroka, I'm sorry I wasn't able to be on today, really, to continue the duel!

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