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Kanura, Glatorian of the Jungle Tribe

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A retired Glatorian of the Jungle Tribe, Kanura! After the Shattering she participated in Arena Matches for a relatively short amount of years before she decided she wanted to be a guard for Agori caravans and expeditions. Her helmet is unique among Glatorian, it's actually connected to her head and flows through her back. She calls it "hair". During her days in the Arena, she used it to augment her headbutt's, this known as her signature move "Hairbutt". Wielding a Vorox-inspired spear with a Thornax Launcher attached and a small throwing dagger, Kanura has become a seeker of adventures. She was the most requested guard for any Agori caravan or expedition but one day she disappeared. She said she was going to Bota Magna and most people took that as a joke seeing as how Bota Magna was separated, but she was never seen again. Did she make it? Did she perish on the way? No one can tell except for Toa Lewa who's about to find out.




Close-up of head:


Close-up of head from back:


Close-up of spear:


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