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The Vehicles Of The Legoverse - Part 1


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Brick was fishing, Kaei was warming herself by the fire. One the opposite end of the island, W.C. Fields was staring at his beloved ship. Though to others it seemed to be a plain, dull hunk of wood, to him it was a glowing specimen of seamanship at its best."White, we've been stranded on this island for days," Kaei muttered in annoyance at his lax attitude."Look at that beautiful ship. He Magnificently spacious interior, her lovely curved slats and top-of-the-lign navigation. Even her magnificent silken sail inspires a song to echo within the cockles of my heart.""If we don't get off this island in the next thirty minutes, those cockles will be scallops!""Let's go."Later on, they had travelled across land and came across a new obstacle.


A massive mountain."There must be some vehicle we can use to traverse this odd landscape.""I have my trusty motorcycle," Brick shouted out."FOOL! That's not a MOC! We could get banished for even mentioning it in these parts. No...we'll take the magnificent AEROPLANE OF DOOM


"but I already picked what jacket I wanted to wear on the motorcycle.""Just look at this beautiful aeroplane! The amazingly wide wingspan, the The beautiful but most-likely-not-aerodynamically-correct Two-tipped tail, the overdone and ultra-violent gun-rack, and the ultra-spacious and comfortable pilot's quarters."


"Can I still wear my jacket?""Of course."A few minutes later, they were soaring through the sky while the only words Brick could muster were "This is not the seat I wanted!""Quiet Brick, Or I'll shoot your toes off! Now let the kind people heartlessly critique both these mediocre mocs, and this bizarre style of posting them."

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69 Days to a Better Body

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Miles Completed: 123(+2 Miles) | Today's Time: 1H


Exercise time was too bloody hard to fix...forgot to track a few days...sorry.


MOCs: Sah n Dibum - Vehicles Part 1 - Mouldi Pheats - Daleks

Stories: Adventures in the LegoVerse

Interesting Stuff: Shows You're Watching

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