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Grammer Freak - A Show Like No Other!


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Bionicle_Fanatic;Welcome to LEGO MB grammer freak!

-Cheers and the theme song plays; a tacky midi tune with the autotune kicking in at points-[ :P]

B_F; Thank you very much for tuning in, I am you host B_F1, and I hope you enjoy the episode. We pick a few users every month who use good punctulation and speellign to appear on the show.[:P] For this week, please welcome Gracelw1, IndianaBonesSulfrix9, and TannerJ2598!

-More cheers-

B_F; So, gracelw1, what do you think about the current spelling situation in LMB's?

Grace; Hmm?

B_F; (whispering audibly) You're on air, grace.

Grace; Oh. Well, I do think that there are lots of good spellers on here, but on the other hand (looks pointedly at B_F)

B_F; (Goes red) Grace, this is my talk show! please don't embarrass me!

Grace; How come you run this show when you can't even spell embarrass? You're hopeless!

B_F; (leaves in shame)

Grace; Great, now we have the show to ourselves! Bonsey, what do you think?

Tanner; I don't![:P]

Bonsey; Pickles, anyone?

Grace; Pass!

Bonsey; Sure! -Drops them in the bin-

Grace; O.O D: Why did you do that?

B_F; -comes back-

Bonsey; You did say pass.

B_F; seeing as this is technically my show, I can come and go if I want, eh?

Grace; Well...

Tanner; (Stage whisper) Shall we give grace a pickle?

B_F; No. I really wouldn't.

Grace; Pickle? -Lightbulb appears over head-

Bonsey; Catch! [:D] [:P]

Grace; Yum!

Tanner; Grace, go gett B_F!

Grace; [:o] YOU MADE A TYPO! -Faints-

Tanner; I really don't mind. It's not my prob. [:P]

Bonsey: Stop shortening things! -Starts playing super mario bros.-

Audiance with Cr9 and Dude sitting in it; Boooo!

B_F; We started the show with an orderly group of guest stars, a confident presenter and an eager audience. We end the show with a word-shortening bearded master of epicness, a mario playing skeleton, a pickle addict, An uncomfortable presenter and an angry audience. Goodnight!

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Grammer Freak Season 1 Episode 2 Part 1:



B_F; It's baaaak! Welcome to Grammer Freak! [:D]

(Shorter theme song plays - we where on a budget [:P])

B_F; Thanks to everyone who posted and liked on our last episode, including our own guest stars. And no, I didn't put them up to it. [:P]


Canned laughter; Ha ha ha ha!

B_F; Clyde, you where late with the button!

Random Clyde-like voice from the shadows; Sorry.

B_F; Please welcome our honered/honerable/dishonerable guest stars. On my right sits nobody. on my left hand sits someone who will be appearing shortly.

Bonsey Tanner and Grace; -Pull up on a battered quad with a old trailer full of chickens attatched to it-

B_F; (Trying to keep calm) So in this episode we're going to talk about newbie's spelling. Bonsey, get off. Generally newbies tend to have average or poor spelling when they start posting, then they get better as time gets on. However, you do get some newbies who are betear peillars than me! [:S] Tanner, why do you think this is?

Tanner; -Wrestling with a hen- HUH? SPEAK UP, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

B_F; -Pulls chickens off-

Bonsey; -Starts sliding around on the floor looking for bones-

B_F; So Tanner, what...

Canned laughter; Ha ha ha ha!

B_F; Clyde, you're on probation!

Clyde; What does probation mean?

B_F; ..... It mean's if you don't do you job right I'll prod you.

Bonsey; Ha ha ha ha!

B_F; You're better than the real thing..


B_F; Clyde! -Turns angrily towards sound booth and sees...- Gasp! It's gracelw1!

Grace; (From the effects room) I keep pushing this button saying pickles but nothing happens!

B_F; It's Giggles, not Pickles!

Grace; (knocks a wired mic against the central heating and there is a tremendous ammount of feedback)


B_F; (Completely panicked now) Till next tome folks! Thank you and goodnight!

Screen; (stays live - the camera's haven't gone off!)


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Yep [:P] It adds irony [:P]

Grammer Freak season 1, episode 2, part 2 [:P]



Grace; Anyone fancy getting the cafe out before we air the next episode? icon_mrgreen.gif

botven; Whatever. I'm in such a state of shock that I don't mid if you have a meal at my expense.

Grace; Excellent! icon_mrgreen.gif -clicks a button and the studio furniture swivvels around to reveal a cafe table, chairs and a juke box playing some naff 70's music.-

Tanner; MOUNTAIN DEW! LEMMEATIT! -Rugby tackles the owner who randomly appeared-

Bonsey; Want enything botven?

botven; Yeah. Properly behaved guest stars and a studio that doesn't turn into a cafe at the drop of the hat. T_T

Grace; (to owner) Got any pickledew? icon_mrgreen.gif

Bonsey; -walks out of the studio- I'm going to get something to eat.

Tanner; -Finds a barrel of mountain dew and faints in ecstasy-

Grace; -Comes back with a tall glass of pickledew and a plate of pickles- Well, that last episode was a success, wasn't it? icon_mrgreen.gif

botven; Don't remind me. Oh, the shame... icon_redface.gif

Grace; Come on, it's not that bad, and the next episode will be good. icon_mrgreen.gif

botven; Third time lucky?

Bonsey; -Comes in with a dustbin and empties it all over the table-

botven; I thought next time we could do some audience interaction. You know, get the public's opinion on spelling.

Random Byestander; DOWN WIV THE GUVERMINT!

botven; Ok, scrap that. icon_e_confused.gif

Bonsey; -Finds a bone and proceeds to gnaw on it-

Tanner; -Is lying under the mountain dew barrel with the tap turned on- GLUG GLUG GLUG GLUG!

botven; You're no better when you're off air. icon_rolleyes.gif

Grace; -Flips a pickle towards her mouth but misses and hits Bonsey-

Clyde; Can I stop filming now? I have an nature group to go to. icon_e_geek.gif

botven; WHAAAAT? icon_e_surprised.gif YOU DIDN'T JUST FILM ALL THAT DID YOU? icon_eek.gif -Dives at camera and the screen goes black-

That's all folks! icon_e_biggrin.gificon_e_wink.gif


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Usually, a colon is used instead of a semi-colon after the names of your characters to indicate that they're speaking.


What brought you to use a semi-colon exactly?


Oh man, the whole show is ruined because of that. :|


I have no idea [:P] It was spontaneous [:P] As most of the show is, come to think of it [:P]




Grammer Freak, Season 1 Episode 3.


botven; And welcome back to Grammer Freak! icon_e_biggrin.gif 




(Funds where so low that botven is Playing the theme music live this time, with double notes and bad tempo:joking:)




botven; -Gets back onto podium- Thank you, Thank you..




Grace; Why are you saying thank you when no one's even clapping? icon_neutral.gif 




botven; Graaace.. You had to point out the obvious, didn't you? icon_rolleyes.gif 




Bonsey; Well, someone had to.




botven; Of all the people who could have, she did. T_T




Tanner; She pulls it off the best icon_razz.gif




botven; -Clears throat loudly and gets taken away with crupe- 




Grace; Yesss! Our plan to get rid of the host has worked again! icon_e_biggrin.gif icon_razz.gif -High fives zapty who randomly appeared.-




Zapty; What's wrong with botven?




Tanner; He got a cough or somethign icon_razz.gif




Grace; (Grumbling) Typo, Tan the man.. 




Zapty; Must send him a get well card. Oh and remind me to give back those DVD's I borrowed off him.




botven; -Randomly appears in good health- But I don't even know you! And since when did you borrow DVD's off me? icon_neutral.gif 




Zapty; Since you let me borrow them icon_e_biggrin.gif icon_razz.gif




Bonsey; I can't get a word in edgeways... icon_e_sad.gif




Grace; How 'bout trying sideways? icon_mrgreen.gif 




Bonsey; I'll have a go...




Zapty; -Starts singing about trains- icon_idea.gif 




botven; Go away, Zapty, you're not even meant to be on till next season.




Zapty; Gasp! I'm not meant to be on till next season! icon_e_surprised.gif -Gets attacked by a random pruple pig then falls down a none-existant trapdoor.-




botven O_o Okaaay. Anyway, welcome to this episode of Grammer Freak. First off, let's have a look at the mailbag. -Opens the bag, takes out a freedom-fighting wallabee, Then picks out a letter.- Grace, this one's for you: Are bad spelling and Spam related?




Bonsey; If someone spams with bad spelling, then they are! icon_e_biggrin.gif icon_razz.gif




Wallabee; HONK. icon_exclaim.gif 




botven; Grace? What's you opinion?




Grace; If you write whilst eating the sandwitch, then yes.


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