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Ninjas IN SPACE: Comics Final Poll!


Ninjas IN SPACE Comics Final Poll!  

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Vote here for the greatest ninja! Believe it!


This final category voting will run until Thursday, September 25th at 11:59 PM Eastern! After that, there will be a GRAND FINAL POLL to determine the best of the best.


Remember, the winner of each category will receive a 70721 Kai Fighter Ninjago set!






1. The Imside JObe [Page 1][Page 2][Page 3][Page 4]



2. Ninja Memories



3. Ninja Deep Sea Adventure [Page 1][Page 2][Page 3]



4. Ninja Dude Meets Reznas...


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I cast my vote for the comic that embraced the theme, then ran in the exact opposite direction expected with gusto and a shocking amount of effort.


AKA theh UNSLICE jib

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All are not the same

But three shall be as one

Freedom in the flame

The end has just begun

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There was only ever one option, and not just because that jinside hop is a great title.


(i do feel the misspellings were a bit overdone, but it's meant to be terrible beautiful anyway so I guess it only helped)

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Man, tough call. All of these either made me laugh or had a reference that made me crack a smile.


Number one kinda lost me with Makuta's motive. Like Axonn came for a visit, so motive? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND! I WAS NOT MEANT TO READ COMICS! -sobs in corner-


So I voted for 3. Mostly for the Jay being Gali bit which I found way funnier than I should've.

Executive Vice President of Tomato Throwing

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