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Ninjas IN SPACE: Music and Movies Final Poll!


Ninjas IN SPACE Music and Movies Final Poll!  

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Vote here for the greatest ninja! Believe it!
This final category voting will run until Thursday, September 25th at 11:59 PM Eastern! After that, there will be a GRAND FINAL POLL to determine the best of the best.
Remember, the winner of each category will receive a 70721 Kai Fighter Ninjago set!
1. Ninjago Gem Oasis: Da Music Track
2. Elemental

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This is the first poll in which I can really say both entries were well-crafted and enjoyable. This surprises me, because there is usually such a dearth of beautiful LEGO-inspired music in the AFOL community. I voted for Entry 2, "Elemental", because the melody of both songs is compelling but I'm a sucker for well-written lyrics. I hope both entrants continue making amazing music!

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