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Ninjas IN SPACE: Grand Final Poll!


Ninjas IN SPACE Grand Final Poll!  

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So the category winners have been determined. Now they will face off against each other in order to determine who is indeed the greatest ninja ever. And that greatest ninja ever will then get this set. It's a simple process, really.
(I know, however, that it may be difficult to determine any kind of ranking when it's a question of different media like this. But I believe in you.)
This grand final voting will run until Sunday, September 28th at 11:59 PM Eastern, after which I will groggily set up the results topic.


Remember, just by having placed in this poll you will receive one of these nifty things. And that deserves some congratulations.



1. Teenage LEGO Ninja People
2. A Shadow Searches



3. Taraka Dragon Deep Sea Encounter


4. The ibsine jOb [Page 1][Page 2][Page 3][Page 4]


5. Build a Ninja: Ninjas in Space Game


6. Elemental

7. Ninjago Mafia: Masters of Spacejitzu

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There were some interesting entries here, but "A Shadow Searches" stands out from the rest, and as such was the one I voted for. Congraulations everybody.


(Tho I see I'm dead last, which is the norm for me. :P But certainly better entries here.)



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