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BZP down?


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So I was trying to go to G&T, only to find out that the server was too busy.

So I went back to the index and the same error [#2001] happened.


This is happening occasionally, and usually solved in 2 minutes, but this time,it was around 15 minutes,I believe.


What happened?

Looks like it's the end of the line for 21.

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You see, in the before times we'd have this blackouts. We used to measure success in terms of downtime duration. Praise be the return of Bionicle.


AKA lots of people accessing the site at once caused it to overload. Happens from time to time.

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Spoiler Alert


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If you can still get to the front page, BZPower is not down. There are safety measures in place so that if the server load gets to a certain point, the forums are no longer accessible. This is to keep things as responsive as they can be and to prevent errors from happening when too many people are trying to access our database.


We've bumped up the point at which this happens, but you will still likely see it from time to time.

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