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Legends of Artakha: The Mask of Creation.


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In the time before time, on the world of the Spherus Magna, lays a desert that holds a secret that no one, not even the Turaga know of.


The desert holding the great Temple of Creation was one to not be deceived by. The happenings before the Toa discovered the Temple 

had untold consequences, even the loss of a creation of the Great Beings 


The six beings gathered in front of a large, round alter, which was oozing raw magic and protodermis. They all wore black cloaks and masks of unknown origin. one of the six placed an object over the alter, after which had started floating and flowing with the magic and energy of the mysterious alter.  The object was a mask, made of gold and flowing with blue energy and power. They stood inside the Temple, wondering if Skull Spiders might just invade them.


"Is the Kanohi Mask ready?" One asked.


A figure with a dark red robe and black cloak materialized from the corner. He pulled back his hood, revealing almost ancient and sentient

features. He arced his head to his subject, and said "Yes, my brother, the Kanohi Mask of Creation is ready. When Makuta rises again, and the Lord of skull spiders is defeated, only then will this mask be in use."


"But, we are Great Beings, we do not need our brother, Mata Nui, to coincide with Makuta, even if he is as powerful as us." said another.


"The Mask of Life may never bring Makuta back from Evil and darkness. Even if the Toa use the Mask of Creations power, Makuta or the Lord of skull spiders might just find out this operation, and destroy us!" 


"Do not worry, my brother, I have a plan for the Skull Spiders and Makuta, but we need to retreat to the Cloud Palace." said the Leader.


With three quick strides, the leader pulled down a switch, revealing chutes which had been modified to teleport them to the Palace,

their home.


The leader turned on his heal, and said " These will come in handy.

A silence beheld the room. Then, as if on cue, footsteps and insect movements could be heard from the entrance.


The leader, who was in a state of panic, ran for a stone on the wall. He slid it across, and a barrier appeared in front of the entrance.


"Everyone to the chutes!!" The leader yelled. Everyone ran for the chutes, including the leader.


In a flash of light and blue energy, they were sent to the clouds. 


The footsteps had stopped and a banging could be heard against the barrier. Soon after, the combatants smashed a hole in the barrier.


Makuta Teridax and The Lord of Skull spiders rushed in the hole, with an army of smaller Skull spiders scattering everywhere.


Makuta turned to the army waiting outside. 


"Steal the Mask! Make sure the Toa NEVER find this place!" He bellowed in his deep voice.


The spiders rushed in, and stole the mask, and buried the entrance in sand. Makuta turned to his insectoid companion, and said " You, take the mask to the isle of Artakha. When the Toa come, they will land on Mata Nui first. You do what ever it takes to insure the mask is never taken by the Toa. I will be on Mata Nui, spreading my darkness at will." And with that, Makuta walked out of the Temple of Creation. And disappeared into the clouded sky.  


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An interesting snippet, if confusing. Is it supposed to be a G1 Sequel, G2 Prequel, a little of both, or just an alternate timeline?

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So far as I'm aware, it's pronounced like this: We're ee ah moo.

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