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Rahkshi Lalonde

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So, the Toa Inika kanohi are known widely for two things. Not being backwards compatible, and scaring small children.


but anyway, to the heart of the matter here, I was bored, and decided to re-draw the six Inika Kanohi as they would be if they weren't freaky and rubbery:


Some of them are kinda meh, but it's the kind of meh that can't be fixed! (Kinda like the Water Dragon...)


(NOTE: these design changes are a subjective opinion/headcanon and do not reflect, represent, or replace the actual canon appearances of these masks in any past, present, or future bionicle storyline.)

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This stuff's actually good, with the exception of the Elda. I don't like the way you redesigned that one. Also, I think the Sanok was good in gray.


The Elda was giving me problems, with those too-organic eyebrows and that uncomfortable hose entry/exit point. in the end, i accidentally made it too removed from the source mask,


oops. i may retry Elda later.


(yeah, sanok is great in grey, i guess i just made it brown here for "traditional color scheme" stuff. :b)



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I like the mask designs, they're still recogniseable (even without colour-coding ^^). The Calix has to be my favourite, but they're all cool.



They still look pretty rubbery.

Right, today you learn an important lesson in texture:


Don't do whatever I did here. :u



Nah, just make the shadows a bit sharper-edged and add a highlight or two, and you're already there. :)


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I really like seeing deorganic Inika masks, and I really need to try it myself. The Calix looks really cool, especially in that quarter view. The Elda is looking better too. I really like the Sanok and Kadin, and I hope you do the rest in the quarter views. I'm not a big fan of the Iden, but the top is clever.

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presenting the first three from a different view, which i think captures the difference between the originals and these a tad bit better.


the calix is a tricky thing to draw from different angles though...

That Calix is class...


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The Calix looks pretty good, I like that the eyes are not the original and the mouth is not that good, in my opinion I think it would look great if the mouth is like the Volitak mouth. Elda is not good looking at the front but the side very is a lot better and I do love the mouth and eyes.

Suletu is great and I love everything about it and I would be really interest in seeing that mask made. And the Sanok is great too but the top part of the head with the holes are not good, I think it would be better if it was the original top head or like the Great Ruru.

The Kadin and Iden are my most favorite out of the others and I would love to see those mask made and being seen in plastic.

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