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Crippler, the Dark Hunter

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Ohai fellas. It's been a long time since I posted anything. By the way, where are all the old topics? I wanted to read those movie parodies by SPIRIT, but the link was dead :o


Anyways, like a lot of people, I seldom make MOCs anymore. This is one I made about 2 years ago I think, but I finally decided to make some pics of it. I'm not sure if they are good enough. If you want more, I might take a few more this evening.






As you can see, this one is made solely by pieces from Nidhiki and Krekka, which made it really fun to build, as the possibilities are limited. (less is moar hashtag hipster).

I love the head. Usually, I love making torsos but hate making legs and heads.  The legs are okay. He has about 240 pieces.

legs  42 + 42

arms 17 + 45

head 14

body 80 


I like to think that he's the same species as Guardian, with the tusks and all.

On his left claw, he's got an attached gun-ish thingiewingie that might disable mechanical apparature, or whatever, i dunno. Something cool.

His head


When he possibly infiltrated a Toa hagah outpost: Crippler is spotted by an Exo-Toa. He blocks most of the damage with his armored fancysmancy claw.

He enrages and charges the exo-toa. He's on top of the robotic guard and pins its boxing claw to the ground, which makes him defenseless. He sends a shock through the exo-toa to disable him, and is about to crack its armored shell for good measure.


Oh and this is the brickshelf folder (when made public)

I might or might not upload more MOC's in the near future. Comments and thoughs are very welcome ^.^

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TheSkeletonMan939, Twister92, SPIRIT and Gatanui are awesome for uploading soundtracks and games and stuff.

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I actually quite like this MOC, looks like you mostly made this out of Krekka and Nidhiki and some other 2004 Toa Metru and vahki, which I think is perfect because that era of BIONICLE (2004-2005) had a lot of Dark Hunters in it, so I think this definitely gives off the look of a Dark Hunter, so great job!

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