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Hello! I'm new, but have been following Bionicle since...fairly early days(I missed the originals! :( ), and have loved and played around with sprites, sprite kits etc for a long time. And one day went 'Why not?' and made my own! I know it's not much, but I ran out of time atm for it, but hey, it's something.

I based my SASK(Snowy Aegis's Sprite Kit) around a decent level of customization. There are no preset poses, positions or expressions, why? So you can make them as you want them! You can color parts individually, however you like, and assemble them, almost like the original sets! If you need help or tips on using this, please, ask! I am always happy to help. When I'm online. Obviously. If people like this simple, early version enough, I may update it and expand it, adding more parts, masks, some weapons, kinds of characters(Turaga, Rahkshi, etc) and so on. I might even add some specific set characters.

Yes, I know there are only four Kanohi as of now. Making them takes forever and my brain was practically dead after spending two solid hours making them. Kaukau and Miru were oddly much harder than the other two. Well. The Hau was barely difficult on any level.

Anyways, enough rambling from me! Here's the kit:


Please give me, Snowy Aegis, credit if used.



My profiles


Read my Epic:Tales of Aoris Nui!

Profile pic by Soulemn on DA!


I also have a custom species approved for the BZPRPG! Click here to read about them!

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I like this kit it reminds me of the simpler days. I also think simple kits can hold better as time goes on. I really like the kanhoi the only one i couldnt tell was gails. It still looks like a kanhoi i just thought it was dumes mask at first.

one day this will contain greatness only the best. But take this with the ocean of salt then you will know what to expect from this

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