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Misprints, Titans, Canister and small sets for sale!


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Hi guys! I am back to sell off what remains of my collection. I am in need of only cash. I only accept payment through Paypal and cash in Euros (buyer may send money via post at their own risk).  All items are used but are in great condition and come from a smoke free home. I accept Paypal and, of course, buyer pays shipping and optional Paypal fees if you want buyer protection. I will do my best to make the package as compact as possible to ensure you get a fair shipping price. 

Please note that, for now, I am only selling any canister/small sets in sets of 6, and would prefer to send sets without canisters and instructions even though I have them as this will keep your shipping bill from getting too expensive. I cannot find my instructions so unfortunately I cannot include them on request. Remember, all instructions are online anyways so you would be saving money on shipping! All sets are complete and come with their original pieces (like original Kanoka, Masks, Kraata, etc...). The price I have listed below account are for sets without canisters and instructions were applicable. This is a great opportunity for those looking to collect sets to make Kaita sets or fill the voids in their collection. So without further ado, here is my inventory: (prices are in $USD and orange means reserved)


All 6 Vahki: $24

All 6 Rahaga: $12 
Krekka/Nidhiki/Turaga Dume and Nivawk: $13 each
Keetongu/Sidorak: $16 each
Umbra/Axonn/Brutaka: $27 each (last two MIGHT not be for sale I'll decide but you can offer anyways)

Ehlek: $5 
Toa Matau: $4 each
Misprint White Ruru: $12 USD
Infected Hau Mata: $5 USD

Everything I have is on that list so I do not have any extra collectibles. $12 minimum buy. 

Thanks.   :)

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