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Battle for the Gold Mask Competition: FAQ

Black Six

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Battle for the Gold Mask Competition:
Frequently Asked Questions

The Battle for the Gold Mask is underway, and there have been a LOT of questions so far, not just on BZPower but on the other five sites as well. This topic will serve as a compendium for as many of the questions as we can keep track of.

Be sure to read the official BZP contest topic as well as the OFFICIAL RULES (complete with legal jargon). There's a good chance the answer to your question is in there somewhere already.

General Questions
Q: Where is the contest being held?
A: The contest is being hosted simultaneously on six sites:Q: Where do I enter the contest?
A: You can submit your entry right here!

Q: Do I need a ReBrick account to enter?
A: You need to have an account on at least one of the participating sites to enter. If you already have a BZPower account then you're set!

Entry Questions
Q: Can I enter multiple villains? Is there a limit?
A: You can submit multiple separate entries, but each entry can only contain one villain.

Q: Do I submit an entry picture or should it be a gallery?
A: You should submit a single entry photo, but you may link to a gallery.

Q: Am I allowed to put another, smaller figure in the picture to show scale?
A: Please just include your entry in the photo.

Q: Am I allowed to edit my entry picture? For example, can I crop out the background and set the villain into a CG environment or adjust the lighting?
A: Yes.

Q: Do the entry images have to be taken fresh for this contest?
A: No.

Q: Do I still need to have the model built and available at the conclusion of this contest?
A: No. You will not need to send your models to LEGO if you win.

Q: If I am submitting an old creation, should I make a new topic or use the old one?
A: You do not need to create a topic to enter, but feel free to link to the old one. Topics that are past the revival date can not be revived.

Q: Once I have submitted an entry, am I allowed to make a MOC topic about it in BBC?
A: Yes, as long as one does not already exist.

Q: Can I enter a creation that I've already posted on the same site?
A: Yes, it can be something you've already posted on BZPower (or any other site).

Q: Can I enter the same entry on two different sites?
A: Yes, you can enter on all six sites that are participating. Note that this does not necessarily increase your chances of winning.

Q: If I enter several MOCs, is the one that does best my 'official entry,' and the others are in effect disqualified?
A: The judges will look at all of the entries, but only one entry per person can become a finalist. What you think is 'best' and what the judges think is 'best' may be different though, so it doesn't hurt to enter multiple MOCs if you have the time.

Q: Can my entry picture include multiple images of my model from different angles?
A: Yes. You're also allowed to include a link to your entry's gallery.

Q: Where can I host my entry image or images?
A: You can use whatever image hosting service you prefer.

Q: Will creating a background story help improve my chances of winning?
A: I will certainly be reading the stories people create (as long as they're not too long!). But keep in mind the judges are from all over the world and English is not always their native language. So while the story can't hurt, don't make your MOC rely on it.

Q: Can I post a video with my entry showcasing a function?
A: Absolutely.

MOC Questions
Q: Is [insert piece here] System, Technic, or Constraction?
A: We'll have to answer these on a case-by-case basis, but if the part was first used in a Bionicle, Hero Factory, or Technic set, it should count as Constraction/Technic. A general rule of thumb is if the pieces have appeared in a Constraction set (whether Bionicle, HF, Chima, etc.) then they count as Constraction.

Q: Can I use custom fabric for a cape or wings?
A: No. You many only use unmodified fabric pieces from LEGO sets. This includes Vezon and Furno XL's capes, among others.

Q: Can I cut flex-tubing and ribbed hoses to specific lengths?
A: No. This is considered modifying the pieces.

Q: What is a Constraction piece?
A: Constraction pieces are elements from any of LEGO's buildable action figure lines, including, but not limited to, Bionicle, Throwbots, Hero Factory, Ben 10, and Marvel, DC, and Chima ultra-builds.

Q: Would pieces that have been slightly chewed on be counted as modified if they don't effect color or connections?
A: No. Those pieces would be fine. Keep in mind though that your entries are being judged and you want the best presentation possible.

Q: Would multiple figures, i.e. a steed and its rider be acceptable as one entry?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I incorporate parts of official packaging (such as canister lids)?
A: Yes.

Q: Can my creation be a revamp of an existing character, or does it have to be an original one?
A: Yes, it can be your take on an existing character. Keep in mind though that entries will be judged on originality.

Q: Can my creation be a revamp of a MOC I made before?
A: Yes.

Q: Am I allowed to post a MOC for critique before submitting a final version?
A: Yes, as long as you're not posting it in the entry topic.

Q: Are pieces obtained from NYCC allowed?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I create a name and backstory for my villain?
A: Absolutely, but it is not required.

Q: What are the limits on "contemporary weapons"?
A: If it's modeled after anything from 1950 and onwards it would be off limits. Any weapons or tools from existing Bionicle and Hero Factory sets are clearly fantasy-based and would not have problems with this rule.

Q: Can I collaborate with another person on a single entry?
A: No, entries must be created by a single person.

Q:Does the villain in question have to fit into the Bionicle universe stylistically or can it be an orginal character?
A:As long as it doesn't violate any of the items in the rules, original characters should be just fine.

Q:Are ridiculous sci-fi laser rifle things allowed?
A:Ridiculous sci-fi creations are okay; it's weapons that bear a resemblance to real military hardware that aren't allowed.

Q:Can I use prototype parts in my MOC?

Q:Can one villain be two smaller villains? Like a villainous duo?
A:No. Each entry should consist of only one villain.

Q:Can my MOC be based off a movie/book/comic/videogame/etc character?
A:No. This violates the intellectual property rules of the contest.

Q: Can I use rubber bands in my creation?
A: Yes, as long as they are LEGO rubber bands from LEGO sets.

Q: Can I use printed parts in my creation?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use stickers in my creation?
A: Yes, as long as they are official LEGO stickers.

Q: Can I use LEDs, motors, and power supplies from Technic sets?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the Technic-to-System parts ratio related to the number of pieces or the size of the pieces?
A: The 75/25 ratio is a rule of thumb designed to have entries be more or less equal in order to allow the judges to compare the entries in a fair manner. We will not be counting pieces per se, but again, use your good judgement.

Q: Can I include scenery or a backdrop? Does that count toward the ratio?
A: You can create a background. It will not count in the 75/25 ratio. But keep in mind that it's your MOC that is being judged.

Q: Should I design my MOC to be like a set you might find on store shelves?
A: The rules state that you should "build the baddest villain you can imagine." Make the most impressive MOC that you are capable of. There is a 14k gold mask at stake, so you should pull out all the stops. Its ability to be turned into a set is not part of the judging.

Q: Can I use a part that is no longer made in my creation?
A: Yes, you can use any official LEGO piece.

Q: Can I use Galidor and DUPLO pieces in my creation?
A: Yes, they count towards the System ration.

LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) Questions
Q: If I'm making a LDD model, can I use parts in colors that don't exist?
A: Modified or painted elements aren't allowed for physical entries, so in fairness digital entries should be limited to pre-existing colors as well.

Q: Can I use external software, such as Maya, to render and light my LDD model?
A: Yes.

Q: Do I just submit a screenshot of my LDD model?
A: No. LDD submissions should not have the 'grid line' background. They should be clear images of the model on a clean background (although, as mentioned elsewhere, you are free to edit the background and your image). If you need help doing that you should ask your fellow members or search around online.

Q: How do I render my LDD entry?
A: Here is a tutorial for rendering LDD creations, courtesy of Eurobricks.

Q: Can I use LDD Extended Mode to create my MOC as long as the parts have been released in those colors in LEGO sets beforehand?
A: If the piece has been produced in that color you can use it in your LDD model.

Prize Questions
Q: Which gold mask is being given away?
A: LEGO has not yet revealed which mask is the grand prize.

Q: When the prizes say "Bionicle heroes," does it mean the masters?
A: I believe it will be the Toa, but there is no more clarity than what the rules state.

Q: Does the gold mask come with the stand seen in the picture?
A: The stand is made of materials that are not approved for children; product safety flat turned down a glass bell on top of it. If they get an approved version before it's time to send it out, there will be a stand, but as of right now, it will come nestled in a little velvet-lined box from the jeweler who made it.

Other Questions
Q: If I win, will my model be used in any way by LEGO?
A: LEGO reserves the rights to do so, but have not announced any plans to.

Q: Why can't people in Quebec enter?
A: This is a legal issue. Please see this site for more information.

Q: Can judges enter the contest?
A: No they cannot.

Q: How will finalists be contacted if they win?
A: The five finalists for BZPower will be contacted through the site to gather any information LEGO requests.

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