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Battle for the Gold Mask Competition Submission Topic

Tufi Piyufi

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Entry 2: Three Headed Beast

Origin: N/A

Tools: Claws, Jaws




Entry 3: Climber Beast

Origin: N/A

Tools: Wings, Claws, Jaws







Sefarlus L8

Tools: Shield Blades

Ship Tools: Cannons, Jets






I made a story now! so im editing it in....




Long after Mata Nui left the Glatorian realm.... Long after the coliseums were destroyed..... Here lies a City in ruins..... named Haruga Nui, After Mata Nui, this.... is... the.... story.... of.... 



                                                                             Wreckage of the Glatorians



This, was a Matoran of water, once a good soul..... but he was changed by darkness.... The Makuta brotherhood saw his hidden potential, and gave him the darkness, it whispers to him..... a single word.... over and over again.... "MAKUTA!" and then it changed "You could become more powerful than the great Teradax! Join us and you may have that power!"..... so he did not.... But he did not know what to do so he started thieving for food, Killing for shelter, why he became a mercenary after a while! So then, he wanted to explore, off to far places.... to the city of Metru Nui he went, at least that is where he crash landed with the Sefarlus L8, he jumped off halfway through the fall, but then he saw an explosion in the distance.... he had a feeling... it did more than explode.... then, he got an answer to that.... Suddenly, where the explosion had occurred Dark beams blasted out of the ground.... then the darkness inside him said "Welcome to the brotherhood, no longer are you merely Tubig(Cebuano for water), You will be Makuta Tubig!". The darkness is slowly eating away at his mind..... even now... it has not prevailed over him.... Even in the Makuta Brotherhoods turf! alas.... He is more powerful than the Makuta imagined.... far more powerful.....

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Third entry, I think (also almost a last minute one cx).

Entry image: http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f20/dobsonian46/PIC_0101_zps45e09c8a.jpg

Gallery (also some other things mixed in there, sorry): http://s44.photobucket.com/user/dobsonian46/media/PIC_0101_zps45e09c8a.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0

Just for funzies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpMd43BZx1k

Titan Dekrepos, known by furtive whispers as the Golden Lie, is a transcendental being who has taken shape in a comprehensible form, utilizing quadruple arms which each wield a formidable weapon—and one of which clutches a sharpened staff topped by an ancient Mask of Foreboding. Dekrepos himself wears a mask whose name and powers are unknown, but are speculated to always be in effect—but are impossible to understand, so that its effect (whatever it may be) is realistically unstoppable. His intentions are unknown, but he seems to derive meaning through the acquisition of oddly specific types of masks. The significance of this is also unknown. In particular, he seeks the mask of the Toa.

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Toa Konirajo Master Of Ice

Species: Toa (Light/Ice)

Powers: Light and Ice

Element: Light

Tool: Staff Of Ice

Mask: Kanohi Avohkii Mask Of Light

Species: Toa ( Formerly Av-Matoran with Ice Powers)

Goal: To find all the golden masks so he can become the most powerful toa in existence, and to continue to keep an iron grip on the Protector civilization.

Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/125825055@N07/sets/72157649095180559/

Back story:      Long ago on the planet of Nao Magna, a Matoran known as Takua was created. He was believed to be a Ko-Matoran,a villager of ice, but the future would prove otherwise. He lived his life aloof and indifferent. Of course that was until he learned about the legendary kanohi Avohkii: the Mask Of Light. He journeyed throughout Ko-Nagi, the ice territory, until he discovered it, and grabbed it with his greedy hands. He placed the mask on his face and became a toa,his newly found force was too strong though, and  it corrupted him with a lust for power.

       This thirst brought him on a journey to find another ancient artifact known as the Orb Of Luzikaki. This tool would allow the user to gain complete control over the elemental power of light. After searching for many years,  Toa Takua finally found the orb in the desserts of Po-Nagi, the land of the craftsmen and blacksmiths, and he absorbed it's energies. Now he believed that no one could stop him, so he journeyed back to his homeland to give his people an unexpected and unwarranted greeting. Toa Takua destroyed most of the village and it's inhabitants, until the brave elder of the village Turaga Tsumegia intervened. Toa Takua wouldn't have any of that so he engaged in a battle with Tsumegia. While Toa Takua's power may have been stronger, Turaga Tsumegia's will was as strong as steel. Turaga Tsumegia confronted the now crippled Toa Takua and told him that he will wait an exile on the uncharted and alien island of Okoto until he learns the Three Virtues. Also the Turaga told Takua that he must change his name to Konirajo, the Matoran word for the soulless one. Tsumegia placed Toa Konirajo in an upgraded toa canister made to withstand travel through space. 

      As the great Turaga had said, Konirajo landed on the island of Okoto. Konirajo healed over time and made the Region Of Ice his home. Thousands of years later, Okoto was populated by beings known as Protectors. The Protectors hailed Konirajo as their Master of ice, because of his ice and light powers he bared. Unfortunatly they didn't realize his true intentions. After coming to the conclusion that Konirajo really wasn't the hero they believed him to be, they prayed for 6 Toa of good spirit to save them from this power hungry tyrant, for they knew as hard as they try they can't fight him by themselves. Now the newly formed Toa Masters will have to face this cold and murderous master.

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Araknus: King of the Skull Spiders


Little is known about this giant creature. many rumors and mystery surround his presence. He leads his army of Skull spiders from far away mostly using his trusted ally the Lord of Skull Spiders.One thing is for certain his craving for the masks of power is greater than ever!


Link: http://imgur.com/a/Nu7c5#0

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Entry #8


Link to Official Entry


Link to Gallery


Name: Brawg




Brawg is a brainless brute who dwells within murky underground tunnels. He creates these tunnels using two massive drills, which sink into rock seamlessly. He's never seen the sun, and is blinded by bright lights - however, he is an absolute menace to underground villages.


Spin the gears to rotate the drills!




Entry #9


Link to Official Entry


Link to Gallery


Name: Falmah, Queen of Skull Spiders




She lives in an underground lair, where the stench of death fills the air. The place is dark, yet there is always an unmistakable presence...skull spiders crawl along the walls, and in the center she rests. Slimy green eggs are kept in the shell on her back, and her stinger throbs, always ready to pierce a foe. Beware, for she is...the Queen of Skull Spiders.


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Guurnak Being of Eternal Shadow


Guurnak is an ancient being who is always lurking in the shadows. He is very mysterious in his ways and is in some ways a myth for no inhabitant of Okoto has seen him. He haunts Villagers in their dreams by using his mask of nightmares. The Toa must find him and bring his reign of fear to an end.



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Didn't expect to still have this account activated. What a surprise ~~


These are my entries. All of them have a story adapted for either the first (2001-2010) or the second (2015) generation of BIONICLE.



Name of the entry: Vereda

Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/goldenarpeggio/15280671943/

Okoto backstory: Being the father of the famous Mask Makers, Vereda taught them about the creation of the Masks of Power and give them their signature ones before retire. However, years later, Ekimu and Makuta fell asleep after the conflict with the Mask of Ultimate Power, and when Vereda discovered what happened, his sadness, rage and frustration took control of him. Blaming the masks for what have happened to his sons, he decided to search for the Masks of Power and destroy them, even if six mighty warriors stand in his way.

Spherus Magna backstory: One of the Great Beings who arrived to the planet in the past, Vereda was the most talented crafter of the group, being the responsable of the creation of the power sources and the legendary Masks of Life and Creation. However, and even having the amazing skills he had, Vereda was quite pessimistic and insecure, without relying on anything and always having in mind the problems instead of the achievements. Due to this, instead of proud for creating such artifacts, his heart filled with horror after the accidents that happen with them (the exploding robot, his cursed partner, etc.) and Vereda runned away. Now, with the Ignika back and the planet reassembled, Vereda has appeared again -decided to destroy everyone of his creations so they won't cause trouble again!



Name of the entry: Eruei

Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/goldenarpeggio/15280672753/

Okoto backstory: A mysterious character wearing strange armor and mask. Appeared from nowhere, rumors say that his only purpose is to get the Masks of Power and feed them to his mask, which it's said it's alive. True or not, the refered as the Mask of Imagination is still very dangerous: being able to summon the most random things from its surface, the Toa won't know what to expect if he gets in their way!

Spherus Magna backstory: One of the Great Beings who arrived to the planet in the past, Eruei was well known for his lack of knowledge in comparation with his partners, but for his amazing imagination as well. But Eruei never liked the way the investigations of the Great Beings went to, and he tried to stop his partners in order to avoid more problems to the planet. of course he wasn't listened - and when the Core War started, Eruei went mad at them. After the Shattering, he took refuge as everyone else, but something different happen to him: now with a mysterious brick-like helmet in his face, he has started a hunting for his comrades. And he won't stop, until everyone of them have learned the lesson.



Name of the entry: Sycarax

Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/goldenarpeggio/15898320781/

Okoto backstory: A mysterious creature, related to the Skull Spider. Like a crow likes shiny objects, Sycarax is attracted to sources of power, and with the Three Masks the Toa are searching for being the greatest sources, Sycarax can't avoid to try to get them. But even with this instinctive behavior as its only reason for getting the masks, Sycarax is very intelligent, and will use any chance it has to get the masks from the Toa using its extendable claws and his Elemental Energy Blasters if needed.

Spherus Magna backstory: An A.I. created by the same aliens which left the famous blades Atakus uses, Sycarax was developed with a swarm of nanobots for body so it could integrate and adopt in itself all the technology of the shattered Spherus Magna for learning purposes. However, somehow, it managed to break into the jail of the cursed Great Being, and become a sentinent "life" state. The process induced it the feelings of "pain" and "fear", and being unable of recognize them, Sycarax become unstable. Now the A.I, wanders the planet killing everyone who has the bad luck of appear in its eyesight, trying to avoid those feelings to flow again on its composed mind.



Name of the entry: Juunax

Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/goldenarpeggio/15900311045/

Okoto backstory: A feral robot created in order to protect Ekimu and Makuta's masks from the evil hands living in the island of Okoto, Juunax is still operative even after being severely damaged by the shockwave caused by the Mask of Ultimate Power. Able to know the exact position of each mask of the island, Juunax could be the key of the Toa to get the masks before is too late... If they can defeat the speed and the shapeshifting abilities of this vicious robot.

Spherus Magna backstory: Juunax is a Baterra which had the bad luck of meeting an armed being who couldn't be defeated by the group Juunax belonged to. Damaged until the point it can barely shapeshift its right leg, Juunax program was also affected, and now it travels around the planet searching for its attacker in order to finish its job, ignoring everyone else, armed or not... Except if they stand in its way.*




That's all. Have fun and good luck, dears! ~~


*The attacker is supposed to be Sycarax, hence the similitude, but in order to avoid unnecesary relations this information is not mentioned.

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Entry Name: Outsider

Entry Pic

Flickr Gallery


A mysterious being appeared on Okoto one day, falling from the sky in a strange craft made out of a unknown metal. Unable to breathe the air of Okoto, this being, known only as "Outsider", wears a helmet and breathing apparatus to allow him to survive on the island. He posesses many strange powers, including telekinesis, teleportation, clairvoyance, sonics, and mind control, but it is unclear whether these powers belong to him or the bizarre devices attached to his armor. He has gathered together a small group of Protectors, which apparently believe that he is a deity of some kind, and display undying loyalty towards him. These Protectors are now commited towards building a strange, alien structure off the coast of Okoto, one that looks disturbingly like a nest...

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This is Teppu

Number bricks used: 1443


Normal: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2014/332/8/d/teppu__normal___rendered__by_toamata_nui-d880a8t.png


With weapons ready: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2014/332/d/7/teppu__with_weapons_ready___rendered__by_toamata_nui-d880ae4.png


Teppu is a heavily weaponized killing machine. It was created before the Marendar, but wasnt deamed powerful enough, therfore, the Marendar was created and Teppu was put inside Mata-nui. His arsenal consists of: 10 energy blasters, 2 saws on the kness, 4 extendable saw-arms, 1 spinnnnig foldable saw on each arm that can also function as a shield, daggers on his feet, extendable claws, a spear, a spiked ball on a chain, a super-energy blast at the center of his body and a mouth full of sharp teath which he can cover with a metal plate.

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On 9/29/2014, Greg Farshtey said:


"Just wanted to say a quick something --


A lot of you guys are BIONICLE fans, many from way back. It's no secret that you are some of the smartest, most loyal, and most dedicated fans out there. You, and you alone, have carried the torch for the line over the last four years. Hopefully, you will feel rewarded for your efforts by 2015 BIONICLE.


Regardless, I wanted to take this opportunity to say that I am really proud to be associated with you, and you should be really proud of yourselves"


Ordinarily, I don't do quotes, but this is special.

Fire Ice Water Stone Earth Air... I mean Jungle.
Bionicle: The Legacy Hero An attempt to put some magic back into Bionicle.

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Batrakh guards an ancient ruin lair eternally, needing neither food nor sleep. Though the razor-sharp fangs that line his maw are filled with lethal poison, his real power is in his deadly gaze. Any creature that looks into Batrakh's red eyes is turned permanently to stone!

Entry Image

Side Side2 Head Flex Test You're Dead! Body Detail Back Detail Top Detail

Edited by Jovan2

"You humans are absurd, Rook. Furious when you're not in control, terrified when you are. Pull it together."

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here is another one of my creations; it's a Finerak


Finerak are a species that usually live in the fire region of Okoto. they are generally wild and aggressive and will attack anything they see with there fire stinger. recently they have begun wondering in the other regions of Okoto causing havoc and leaving destruction in there path. 


i give lego full permission to use all or part of my character idea regardless whether i win or notZTSg21p.png

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Entry #7


Zahdejahk the Warlord of Jungle


Entry Photo




An ancient warrior class Protector, she lead the older Jungle Region to war with the other tribes. Though nearly successful on conquering Okoto, she was stopped by Makuta who defeated her with sheer force and his mighty hammer. After her defeat, she searched for a grander source of power. After eons of searching she found the object of power and infused it within her body. The vessel of pure energy caused her simple Protector form to be morphed into her current Warlord form which excretes raw energy in the form of orange light. Knowing that the Golden Mask of Skull Spiders control the skull spider race, she seeks out the object of power to control the entire population of skull spiders to conquer the island.


Weapon: Elemental Blade of Jungle


Powers: manipulate jungle element, telekinesis, heat-blast(from hands), plasma vision, higher resistance to elemental energies

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here is my next 'Rahi' creation : a Junglirdion

Junglirdion are the greatest hunters in the jungle regions of Okoto. they love to snack on dermis turtles and other small creatures. reciantly something has been causing them to turn against protectors, which they never eat, and travel to other regions of Okoto.


I give lego full permission to use my character idea regardless whether i win or not


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Entry: The Great Dragon of Spherus Magna 


Location: Spherus Magna, formally Metru Nui


Description: An old, intelligent, powerful and vengeful rahi that is leading the rebellion consisting of the rest of the rahi on the planet against the inhabitants of Spherus Magna. The toa must now join together as one and solve this conflict, or a terrible war will occur. Will they survive or will they fall?

Abilities: Highly intelligent, can speak matoran, breaths blue fire that breaks down everything it hits, can also not be extinguished, the tail can cause earthquakes and push objects a great distance.
A long time has past sense the great spirit Mata Nui defeated Makuta Teridax in battle that lead too a new home for all spices in the Bionicle Universe. The Toa, Matoran and Glatorian has now started to hunt down rahi beasts in the areas they live in. They imprison them and using for their own use to make their lives more easier. The ones they do not use are being killed because they consider them as a threat because of their past history with the Makuta. 


The creation was inspired by Jesus and our worlds dictators like Hitler, Stalin and so on. 


Pictures from different angels: http://imgur.com/SZVW3R5,VOIzbQE,P86WO9Y,o2647TM,NMKPBu1,zBxWEEh#0



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Entry Name: Viporex


Entry Bio:

Long before Makuta forged masks of power, he was rumored for forge life. While many of his creations did not see the light of day, one roamed the island of Okoto for sometime, the Viporex. With the ability to drain life energy from organisms through eye contact and grow stronger from it, the Viporex was meant to protect the people of Okoto from any harm, but what Makuta did not realize was that his envy of Ekimu and desire for the people's praise twisted the very soul of the Viporex. For sometime it served it's intended purpose which resulted in the people of Okoto showering Makuta with praise for his success, praise the Viporex felt was rightfully it's own. The Viporex turned on it's creator in his sleep, nearly killing him. But it was the quick intervention of Ekimu's hammer to the Viporex's skull that saved Makuta's life. 
Unable to destroy the Viporex completely, Ekimu locked it away, far beneath the island of Okoto where it would never see the light of day. And now it remains there, it's hatred for those it protected growing, waiting for the it's chance to be free and finish what it started.


Entry Picture




Entry Topic


Banner made by Onaku



If you interact with one of my characters and I don't respond or acknowledge the interaction within a day, send me a PM. Odds are I missed or did not see the post.

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Entry #4: Pyroclastius Evil Glatorian of Fire



Entry Picture


Secondary Entry Picture (If Multi-Image Pictures are not allowed.)


Brickshelf Gallery





In the Okotoverse, the Glatorian are elemental warriors famous for their powerful fighting skills in arena matches. Pyroclastius is one particular Glatorian who is power-hungry, fame-seeking, and loves to set his opponents on fire. When he heard about the Golden Skull Spider Mask, he immediately set off to find it so he could claim it as his own. He wields his Electroscorch staff, which can shoot powerful balls of fire mingled with electricity, and he also carries his Sparkslicer, which is a razor-sharp spinning blade that can shoot elemental fire blasts. Whenever Pyroclastius gets angry, he bursts into furious flames and his elemental fire powers are amplified. Pyroclastius hates defeat, anyone who is better than him, but most of all... he HATES water. Water is his main weakness, as it can put out his powerful flames and severely weaken him and his weapons.


One day, Gali Nuva, the last of the time-and-dimension-travelling Mataverse Toa to not have lost her mask in battle, tried to take down Pyroclastius. Pyroclastius fought fiercely, but Gali's Nuva-level elemental water powers overwhelmed him, and his flame was put out. But just when she thought she had won, Gali was paralyzed by the venom of Ventox, and she fell to the ground. Ventox now believed that he was the victor of the battle, but someone tapped on his shoulder. Ventox turned his head to see a maskless Onua Nuva, who promptly proceeded to stab Ventox in the nose with his Quake Breakers. Now it was Onua Nuva who thought he had won the battle, but moments later it turned out that he was followed by Deflecto, who quickly pinned Onua to the ground. Deflecto, however, had been followed by Lewa & Pohatu Mata, who tried to fight him off. Meanwhile, Pyroclastius began to recover, but was knocked back down by the Air Katanas of Lewa Nuva, who had arrived with Pohatu Nuva to help fight. Pyroclastius, furious at how his opponents were beating him, exploded into a fit of fiery rage, blasting Lewa Nuva & Pohatu Nuva away and setting them on fire. Gali Nuva tried to use her water powers to cool them off, but Ventox used his Venomizer Bow to blast off Gali Nuva's mask, weakening her. Then a large foot stepped on Gali Nuva. The Zigben, the Master of Lavastruction, had arrived. Without their masks, the Toa were soon defeated, and Pyroclastius made sure to throw as many fireballs at Gali Nuva as possible. Zigben decided they should take the Toa's weapons as trophies, and the 6 Toa were left both maskless & weaponless. Zigben offered Pyroclastius a seat as ruler of the Fire Region of Okoto in exchange for helping Zigben obtain the Golden Skull Spider Mask. Pyroclastius agreed, but he intends to try and claim the mask for himself so he can be ruler over all of Okoto. Having now collected 6 masks from the Mataverse Toa, Zigben placed them on a mysterious device that resembled a Suva. He then took off his own Mask of Destruction and placed it in the center. A blinding beam of light shot from the strange device, and Zigben's mask was supercharged into the Mask of Super Speed, Super Levitation, Nuva Strength, Nuva Water Breathing, & Destruction. Zigben just calls it the Ultra Mask of Destruction. Zigben can now use his mask to channel the powers of the 6 Kanohi he collected, and the other 3 villains in his team can also access the mask powers when Zigben is not using them. Then cannot channel the full strength of the Nuva masks, however, and only Zigben can access their full power. Together, Zigben's team of villains are nearly unstoppable. So watch out, because the gang is on the loose, and they're looking for the Golden Mask of Skull Spiders.



FUN FACT: The name "Pyroclastius" is based off of the word "pyroclastic", which means "relating to, consisting of, or denoting fragments of rock erupted by a volcano."

The artist formerly known as


BBC#69 Entry: Roodaka - Master of Manipulation

BFTGM entries: Zigben · Ventox · Deflecto


Hail Denmark.

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