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Battle for the Gold Mask Competition Submission Topic

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Aw man, I haven't been on this site in forever. When I heard about Bionicle coming back I flipped, and when I heard about this contest I broke out my old MOCs, and fixed up my biggest and most recent one. (I hope that makes it count as at least partially-new.) I even found my old brickshelf with the bad flip-phone photos to find one of their names.


A lot of entries here are pretty nice and slick! I doubt I'll win, but it's worth a shot.


The first one is the refurbished one, the rest are old and vary in age.


Entry Title: Tavozak

Entry Picture: Here

Gallery: Here


Tavozak (formerly Ta-Vozak), didn't always look like this. He can hardly remember who he was before his corruption, but whoever he was, he's now someone completely different. He's regained some of his self control since the change, but he's still a monster at heart. His serpent spear looks alive because it is, so his enemies are often taken by surprise.


(Formerly the cursed father of Makuta and Mata-Nui in my hilariously awful epic/fanfiction I made around age 12.)



Entry Title: Kivinaka

Entry Picture: Here

Gallery: Here


Kivinaka (now officially female because I should have done that from the start) is a lone wolf who plays by her own rules. (Whoa, sooooooo cool.) She travels from place to place, scheming and stirring up trouble. She has sharp claws on one hand, and a Rhotuka launcher on the other whose spinners can temporarily become or turn targets into obedient drones. May be a Vortixx.


(Originally the [male] villain of my Guardian of Time story and a Dark Hunter who worked for and then betrayed Makuta/Teridax, stole his mask and tried to turn everyone in Metru-Nui into obedient Rahi for some reason?)



Entry Title: Dr. Octomatoran (Allowed to be changed.)

Entry Picture: Here

Gallery: Here


A Matoran (or whatever populates the new Bionicle world) engineer who augmented his body with a spider-like machine. Likes to build machines and cackle like a mad scientist.



Entry Title: Clawrog

Entry Picture: Here

Gallery: Here


Clawrog are vicious soldiers with a terrifyingly strong grip. Their armies are usually quite small, as it doesn't take many of them to do a lot of damage. They have two disc launchers on their backs.



Entry Title: Mantidus

Entry Picture: Here

Gallery: Here


The result of a terrible teleportation accident that resulted in the fusion of a villager and a rahi.


(That's right. Totally going with The Fly on this one.)

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Its My Turn!

Entry Name: Destriker (Dis-Striker)
Specie: Mutated Vortixx
Habilities: Shoot many thorns


History: He was a simple male Vortixx in Xia, but after, Makuta Mutran was forced to Make some machines for be used in his War vs The Ordeal of Mata Nui.

Long afterward the Ordeal of Mata Nui was Destroyed some Machine Factories and they caught some rebel Vortixx (Destriker Included) to the abyss prison in Mahri Nui.

After, on the escape from the prison, they was be fused with a Mysterius Mutant Rahi, from the mutated waters on the Abyss, his body was changed, the Rahi was changed to an External Armor, and His body was fulled of thorns, while he was trying swim up from the abyss.

When he reach the surface, he was adapted to the oxygen again, Swimming to Voya-Nui.
Later, on Voya Nui, he was found a Dark Hunter, the Dark Hunter was talking with The Vortixx, until he decide to join the legion, being accepted by the Shadowed One after much training.
His new name in the Dark Hunter´s Legion is "Striker" cause his thorns can be launched perfectly. He was joined in many Quest from the Dark Hunters... Like Capture Zones, Spy, etc.

More Later, cause Striker was winning all his misions and be a loyal member, the Dark Hunter, Darkness, He began to ruin their image secretly ruining their missions, Later, he was expulsed because Darkness was ruined all his misions, The Sentece was the Death but, they was escaped, and his name was be ruined called for the Dark Hunters and himself "Striker", and he preffer stay alone in all his life, but with a Dark Heart, they was traveling for all the Matoran Universe with a new name... calling now "Destriker"


80% Technic/Bionicle/HeroFactory Pieces
20% System Pieces (Just for an External Armor, not a Basic Design)
Added 2 Chestplate Armor
Pieces from Lego Technic 1998 to Hero Factory Invasion From Below (Before and After than Bionicle) and Bionicle Pieces from the Rahkshi To the Glatorian Legends.
Added a Mechanism rotating his Hands, rotating to Claws or Normal Hands, With Rahkshi Gears.
This Moc was be Maked For Join the Battle for the gold Mask (For me It's not fair look users using Old and not builded mocs for the Competition... In my Gallery have an Image with Destriker Want the Golden Mask)
Size: 26 Cm

Thorns in His Back, Legs
and His Hands

Edited by judiye

Bionicle Lost Destiny (From Jdybionicle/Judiye)

The Adventure of 2 Ordel Gods in Match, Them Warriors and a Matoran whose his fate should not exist.

-Bionicle Lost Destiny: The Origin
-Bionicle Lost Destiny: Killion Forces

-Bionicle Lost Destiny: Shadow of a Hero

Link (In Spanish)

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Entry# 4


Name: Daibq


Entry Pic: http://fav.me/d77tzq5





Long ago, Daibq tormented the inhabitants of Okoto by feeding on their dreams and causing them nightmares. There came a time when he was virtually invincible for the amount of dreams he had consumed.

Ekimu and Makuta, realizing the threat Daibq posed, formulated a plan to stop him. They forged a powerful mask for him as a 'gift', the Mask of Vows, and then tricked him into making an unbreakable oath with them, in which he would be forced to stop feeding on the dreams of others. Makuta and Ekimu specified that, as long as they were able to look after Okoto, the pact would remain active.
Unable to consume more dreams, Daibq weakened enough to be defeated. He was eventually imprisoned in an underwater prison located in an oasis northwest of Okoto, since then known as the "Oasis of Nightmares".
When Makuta and Ekimu fell into a deep sleep, the vow they made with Daibq broke, giving him the chance to feed again. However, he remains imprisoned for now.
Abilities and Traits:
Daibq has the power to control, manipulate, and enhance all aspects of dreams on himself and other beings. He also has the ability to feed on oneiric energy to strengthen himself; by feeding on the dreams of others, he inflicts them terrible nightmares.
Daibq was once a normal being, but after surrendering to his hunger for dreams he lost his corporeal form, preserving his existence only by anchoring his spirit within his mask and armor.
Daibq wears the Mask of Vows, an unique mask that gives to its user the power to seal an oath between himself and another being. The mask will place a powerful curse so that either of the two who breaks the terms dies. For the mask to work, both participants must make physical contact and state clearly their terms. It is only possible to close the deal when both parties agree, and does not work if one of them is influenced by some external force, like mind control. Once the vow is sealed, it is impossible to get rid of it, as the curse will exist independently of the mask. However, since this mask works on the basis of what each participant said when closing the deal, it is possible for them to formulate a clause allowing them to escape the promise, but is risky.
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Entry title: Deathwatch Brigade


LEGO.com link: http://www.us.lego.com/en-us/gallery/9b0cf149-e62f-4de5-928c-fa293536e305?index=2&categoryid=64929898-c52f-49d8-b106-c0c36314093c&loadprivate=true&memberid=eec4715b-b000-461b-92c5-b1e9923a8e47


MOCPages link: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/400099


Larger image link: http://www.mocpages.com/image_zoom.php?mocid=400099&id=/user_images/116750/1415277609m_DISPLAY.jpg





This was my attempt to create an interesting MOC with a simple design, as well as an intriguing character. The simplicity of it is meant to resemble traditional depictions of death as a skeletal creature.





The Matoran had legends of the Deathwatch Brigade - ghostly wraiths who would snatch Matoran away, never to be seen again. There were also tales of the Deathwatch Brigade appearing on battlefields to claim fallen warriors. They were mostly white in colour, with skull-like faces, and Matoran would hear of them seemingly reaching out of walls and the ground to catch villagers.

There were many who dismissed these horrors as nothing more than a superstition. The Turaga, on the other hand, knew there was some truth to the legends. The Deathwatch Brigade were manifestations of the souls of beings who had been captured by the Makuta and corrupted and tortured until they could be corrupted and tortured no more. They were made up of the essences of a huge variety of beings, including, Matoran, Vortixx, and Skakdi. In their solid physical forms, they were the embodiment of non-life. They wielded deathblades, swords which could drain the life from victims with a single hit. They could also become non-physical, allowing them to pass through solid objects. They were rarely ever seen, but there were many instances of them coming out to steal beings away to turn into more members of the Deathwatch Brigade.

Edited by Maxiboy136
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Creation Name: Zethra


Link: http://i.imgur.com/fdv2Myl.jpg


In-depth look: http://imgur.com/a/Qx4IJ



I built this over the course of 7 hours, inspired by LEGO's own Maxilos (leg supports) and Makuta Icarax (wings), and I hope that it's worthy of acknowledgement by the LEGO Team.

Good luck to all!

Edited by SpartaCraft
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Entry #1


Link to Official Entry


Name: Serinak, Makuta of Terror




     He lives to convert and recruit. Through extended battles, Serinak terrorizes his victims with the goal of turning them evil. An encounter with the Makuta of Terror only ends when his victim breaks; there is absolutely no escape. The wings on his back serve only to intimidate, and his claws are not for killing. Upon looking into his eyes, Serinak's victims become entrapped by the power of his terror, encaged in their fear. Serinak is also renowned for his bellowing roar, and the fear it invokes. Avoid him at all costs, for once you see his face, it is already over.
Entry #2
Name: Ezleon, Makuta of Triumph
     Once known as the warrior of triumph, Ezleon became evil after an encounter with Serinak, the Makuta of Terror. Their battle lasted a decade, during which Ezleon became disfigured. He lost focus as spikes protruded from his back, and his face became elongated and devoid of cause. The battle was over when Ezleon looked down upon his hands, and forgot why he was fighting. His memory gone, the warrior joined Serinak. The Makuta of Terror, impressed by his incredible persistence, made Ezleon his sidekick.
     In days gone by, Ezleon was a seasoned smith. He created weapons and armor, until one day he realized that he had a destiny: to craft a legendary weapon, and use it to defeat Serinak. It took years to perfect, but after several failed attempts, Ezleon crafted the legendary Battleaxe of Victory, imbued with the power to defeat the Makuta.
     Ezleon is considered a most disgraceful enemy, because he wears noble armor and uses a legendary weapon for evil.


Link to Gallery

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My Entry #2- Midas


Gallery- http://imgur.com/a/QSdTm




Even though he's old- don't underestimate him. His greed and cruelty know no bounds, and his ability to turn any object into solid gold is dangerous!


(For clarification- the circles on the shoulder plates used on the head are large, squinting eyes, and the gold Bohrok piece below them is his beard.) 

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I am having trouble posting links, or sharing photos through the buttons when posting.  So I literally retyped the address for the photo album on photobucket.


He does not have a name other than being my Skull Badguy.









Edited by Xenock
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Name: Gizmo   

Story: He was once a well looked an upon scientist until he experimented with Rahkshi venom which then changed him after a nuclear explosion which if it wasn't for the pool of Energized Protodermis and awaken his greed for power which in turn made him a Evil mad scientist. That uses venom as a weapon, so he made a backpack capable of holding bullets for his machine gun and venom for launcher also for his melee weapons. which he uses a venom sword that has enough venom to kill an toa with an single blow. And a Venom whip that can paralysis a part of an body.



Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129185710@N02/15116734693/

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This is my firs moc and entry : 


Name: “Teh-Rroark” or as some call him “The Death Glare”


Current Status: Mutated


Powers: Fire, can’t control a external source of fire only make it, he can also make a huge explosion near of a nova blast. Extremely high heat resistance, few plasma based attacks. Extreme brute strength.


Weapons: Magma Claws (part of him), Blazed tail (can be used as an flamethrower)


Kanohi: The Kanohi Whaorru, the mask of fear: Cause the objective a intense terror, it also cause weakness. The kanohi is fused to his face, it can only access to his power through his bite like a poison.


Story: Little is known about Teh-Rroark, the myths about his creations are many; some say that he is the incarnation of Death. Others say that he is an abomination of nature, the truth may only be known by Teh-Rroark himself but no one is brave enough to find him and ask about it.


Teh-Rroark attacks are very uncommon, and survive them even more rare, the few that have survive, its only because Teh-Rroark allows it to tell the story about him, but always changing it. He says that he comes from another world, where a great battle between two giants end in the creation of a new and more beautiful planet, where the villagers where protected by powerful warriors, who use amazing elemental powers and even more delightful masks. Teh-Rroark have also tell the story of a young mask maker, that tried to create the most powerful mask that ever existed, he succeed in his task but the mask course him, mutated him in a terrible being, a begin that maybe was everything that he always wanted.


Even though that we may never know the truth behind Teh-Rroark, one thing is sure about him: The death is behind him and he is behind death.


Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129158095@N04/15551341297/


For more potos and poses, see the gallery 

Edited by Toa Jelarna
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Entry name: Makuta Noctrell

Species: Makuta

Affiliation: Leader of the New Brotherhood

Noctrell was one of the Makuta to escape the Makuta Purge following the Battle of Bara Magna, and eventually refounded the Brotherhood. He wields the staff Nightbringer, an old weapon with the dormant mind of an evil Great Being bound to it, and wins fights with careful and convincing use of his charismatic abilities to get those he has no need to kill to join his cause. He hates Toa for bringing his race to the rink of extinction and makes it his goal to wipe them out in return.

Entry image:https://plus.google.com/photos/+ToaTelsinOfTheBionicleFandom/albums/6079356291646266689/6079357028232382866?pid=6079357028232382866&oid=114520075791324793101



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(If it appears I posted twice I apology I don't know if my first post got through, both posts are the same entry FYI.)


Name: Devourer


The Devourer is a monstrous being that feeds on anything and everything in its way, the more it feeds the stronger it is. It eats anything it can grab through its long straw like tongue, and if its to big the Devourer will tear it apart and crush it to small bits to make it easier. Very powerful it can crumble rock with ease and survive the most extreme conditions. It's very smart and the last of its kind (because it ate its own species).


All there is to say I guess I only created it half a week ago and I mostly had to use what ever I could find, since I was one of those poor kids that couldn't afford every Bionicle set that came out. Though some parts of its body are from Hero Factory sets.  Anyway here is the link press next to see other images of my MOC.



Edited by Batorean
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Entry Name: Ka'arik, Bringer of Famine


Main Pic: http://images.mocpages.com/user_images/117037/1415410261m_DISPLAY.jpg


Gallery/MOCpage: http://mocpages.com/moc.php/400207


A bio for this bad boy is on the MOCpage.


I'd also like to point out that the silver tubing on the scythe's handle is NOT cut or modified in any way. The black cape is from the Vezon and Fenrakk set, in case anyone was wondering if it was a piece of cloth from a T-shirt or something. This moc is mostly technic, with the only system parts being in the finger construction and the two chains roped around the scythe.

Edited by Mallow Toa of Smashing

 >tfw you have no idea what to put here

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Name: Noximul

Affiliation: The darkness..... (Yes, I mean The Darkness as an actual living being, overtaking his body.... Making him more powerful....)

Weapons: Claws, Mace tail, Talons

Planet of Origin: Unknown


Side Notes:I was inspired for the name, by both latin language and my colors....... Nox means night in latin



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Name: Cassidin.




Cassidin is a heavily-armored enforcer. He carries out orders that are considered too lethal for others. Although he carries an outstanding chestplate, hefty shield, and powerful axe, Cassidin prefers to take to the shadows, engaging with surprise attacks or slipping in and out unnoticed. He has particularly excelent vision, and is renowned for silently watching the scene before carrying out his orders.


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