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The Shadow Toa


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Here are the MOCs of a few characters from a story I'm writing. Story link here: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/15351-trials-of-the-shadow-toa/



Nulehk, a toa of magnetism. His mask is the Kanohi Kualsi, mask of teleportation, and his weapon is a simple spear made of scrap metal.



Alroy, toa of earth. Mask is the Kanohi Akura, mask of dissolving, which allows the wearer to turn to mist and travel in that form. Weapons are a seismic drill and claws.



Kotan, toa of air. Mask is the Kanohi Akotu, mask of reqrowth, which allows the wearer to heal any wound with great speed, except for instant fatalities. Weapons are energized swords that can become wings with which to fly.



Outa, toa of ice. Mask is the Kanohi Zakor, mask of war. It allows the wearer to fight with more skill and ferocity than normally possible. Weapons are a simple shield and hammer.

If you want to use the mask names and powers for any fanfic of yours, don't hesitate to. Just don't take the characters. :P

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