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This is stop motion is insane! The hybrid of techniques works really well. Seriously keep it up this is awesome!

9HYoRY7.pngKayn's Thought: My hiatus of Bionicle has ended






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Just responded to this in the trailer thread. I highly recommend you ask a mod to shut down this topic (or one of them anyway) now that the full movie is out. Having already seen the movie I think it's safe to say you don't need 2 topics to get attention for this movie. It will be featured soon enough! In the meantime though, having two threads discussing the same thing will be very disjointed and confusing!

Check out my Bionicle store on Bricklink here!

> > > Bionic Bricks < < <


Let me know if you can help me find these last few collectibles!


Also looking for WILD KRAATA and a VMKK Yo!!!


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