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I never really understood the logic behind the Technic hockey sets. I guess desperate early-2000s Lego was thinking "Okay, Bionicle is selling like gangbusters, if we make our new sports line similar, surely it'll succeed!" But it just seemed weird and out of place to have hockey being played by deformed robots with sticks coming out of their torso. They were some neat parts packs at least, but on their own merits they aren't that good.

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I still have pieces of that big blue one Flip Shot. The shooting mechanic is less than great and the alternate faces arent remotely good compared to the ok sunshade face, colored faces in in skin colors would have propably looked a whole better than lifeless gray robots.
These sets are all good for a laugh at the most but as someone mentioned earlier they do have good recolored pieces such recolored pahrak kal shields in red and nuva shoulder pads in orange blue black and white.

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