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Pohatu: Uniter of Stone

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Most of you know me as Pohatu, but some may remember that I used to be RahkshiToa88. Anyways, I've been using Adobe Photoshop a lot lately, mostly for funny purposes involving transposing faces onto other characters. They are always Bionicle related, but not always good quality. They are mostly for entertainment purposes, so have a laugh! More to come in the future.


Slap Chop is not endorsed by me, copyrights to Slap Chop, yada yada yada.



Proof that I need to get the golden Skull Spider Mask.



My first attempt at Photoshop was... Eughh.



Let's cut down on the spam, even if it is about Bionicle 2015



Hey look, Toa Jaller Mahri found a squid launcher!




Please keep in mind that most of these took less than ten minutes to complete, so don't expect some beautiful artwork that will bring tears to your eyes. You might cry from laughter, though. Enjoy! (Oh if the links don't work let me know, okay?)

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~Pohatu Master of Stone, 2015

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