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Buying Kanohi

Makuta Miras

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All right, I'm back! :) I'm looking for a few Kanohi to finish off my collection, so here they are:
1x White Hau
1x Brown Hau
1x Gold Hau (Not the 14K one. :P)
1x Green Akaku
1x Black Kakama
1x Blue Kakama
1x Teal Kakama
1x Burnt Orange Kakama
1x Trans-Orange Kaukau
1x Trans-White Kaukau
1x Black Miru
1x Teal Miru 
1x Brown Miru
And also 1x Gold Ignika.
Pricewise, I'll pay Bricklink prices.  :) Offer me the Ignika at any price under £10. 
I'm interested in any 2001 misprints as well, but those are low priority so I might turn quite a few offers on misprints down unless they're really good ones.
[Edit]: I'm looking for a few pieces as well. They are: 
4x white Inika leg bones (Picture)
1x gold Inika chest armour type 2 (Picture)
And also I'm selling/trading a Red Forehead Poisoned Hau Nuva! (Picture) For £3.50.

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