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Spookibelle Mixels

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Figured it was worth taking the time to do something for Halloween and a friend's work inspired me to do a tribe of Halloween-themed Mixels. So, without further ado, here are the Spookibelles!
(68 pieces)
Jacko is a jolly fellow, vine arms always ready to ensnare you in a friendly embrace! Of course, Jacko sometimes forgets his own strength in doing so. Jacko's body is so round, they sometimes trip and roll for miles!
(The first design that started the tribe. Originally the design was a smaller pumpkin on a body but I saved that for something else.)
(62 pieces)
Mewzment is a feisty Mixel full of energy. They like to slink around in the shadows to surprise people, but hate surprises themselves!
(Easily the weakest of the three. Attaching the head to the body was a pain. But hey, had to have a Halloween cat!)
(62 pieces)
Spinstrest has woven a network of webs all over the Spookibelle's home region; nothing moves that they don't know about! Of course, other Mixels easily get infuriated at being tangled up in the sticky snares!
(having fun with the eye colors of these Mixels was fun. also the bottom of the abdomen was originally black which looked better but I made it orange for the Max's sake.)
Spookibelles MAX!

(While this one is less thrown-together than the Sauropoids max, it's also not as big or impressive. Still, it is cohesive, and pretty recognizable as a horseless headless horseman, so I'm satisfied.)


Well, that's all! Comments and criticism would be much appreciated! Happy Halloween!

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All of these are really good. I think my favorite is Jacko. Your description matches the pose perfectly. The spider is also pretty good as well.


Do the mixel eyes come in the different colors or are those just extra colors LLD will let you use?




LDD Extended allows me to use pieces in any color I please. I just usually use standard colors for some pieces for these things for realisticity.

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