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Interesting idea - Can someone try this out?


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I have a neat idea for a BIONICLE set implementation but can't try it out at this point in time.


You may have heard of this way of using BIONICLE pen parts on top of a minifigure to make little BIONICLE minifigures:




You can take the bead and the mask that fits on it, squeeze it onto the minifigure torso and have a little Toa minifigure. But a thought occured to me that you could do this with Pohatu's, put it onto a small cream/brown body and give an actual Hewkii doll to Macku!


Can anyone try this out for me? Or perhaps PM me if they have some pen parts they'd be willing to give?

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Pre-forums purge sig kept for historical purposes:

Some cool Bionicles are the combiners. Example: Toa Jovan

I've built a Krahka with 5 Toa Metru & Toa Norik, adding parts I needed to Norik. It needs 11 blue pieces (the ones that have +&O ends) but there's only 10 in all the Toa Metru sets. Do I have to attach her launcher to her arm? Please PM me if you can help me.


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