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What Bionicle character would you want to dress as in Halloween?


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Hi, guys!:) As the title says, what Bionicle character would you want to dress as for Halloween? I know Halloween happened four days ago, but I am just asking. A Bionicle costume doesn't have to be real or fake. It could be either way.

For me, I would dress as Ouna, Pohatu, Takutanuva, Whenua, Krekka, Keetongu, Voporak, Nuparu, Hewkii, Reidak, Avak, Axonn, Carapar, Gadunka, Karzahni, Chirox, Bitil, Malum, Stronius, Tuma, Mata Nui, or Makuta Teridax.:) I know it's a lot, but these are the characters that I feel would prefer to dress as.

So, there. You see what I mean?


Anyway, what about you guys?:)

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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I once dressed up as Tahu Nuva, swords and everything. My dad made the Nuva armor plates out of parts of milk cartons. Interestingly enough, I still have that part of the outfit.


Anyway, I'd probably want to dress up as either Lewa or Mata Nui.

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