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It was Halloween night, and don't think it's November 7th BECAUSE IT'S NOT OKAY!?





The doorbell rang at the old, abandoned Mansion. The three Trick-or-Treaters dressed as the Toa nuva shivered at the thought of what was inside, as they heard the wood flooring creak from inside.


The door opened, and a suited, tall figure appeared with apparently no head. Screaming, all the trick-or-treaters ran away, dropping their candy.


Eventually Tahu got his head out from inside the suit. "Okay, here's your..."














Let's get this over with.





Gali paced through the house, worried. She turned to Onua. "Where is Lewa and the apples? We're expecting the guest soon!" She was dressed as a mummy, all wrapped in toilet paper bandages.


Onua, dressed as a zombie, said "He said he was headed to the store to get 30 apples, but that was 3 days ago."


Out of the basement came the wizard, with a fake beard and star-covered cloak. "Why did you guys decide to use the duster as the beard? It tastes like mothballs..."


Lewa suddenly burst through the door, dressed as a mime. "Hey guys, I got the apples!" Gali saw him and demanded an explanation for being gone three days. Lewa said "I, uh, saw a penny on the sidewalk."


Tahu came back inside. He had two LEGO spacers stuck to the sides of his head, to look like bolts.


Lewa looked around, and then realized Kopaka was missing. "Hey Kopaka, get down here!" They heard a grumbling and thuds as he came downstairs. Kopaka was a vampire, complete with the entire outfit. His looked the best.


"It's hald to tawk trough tese plactic teeth" he complained.


Then, Pohatu came in. "Hey guys, I'm the flash!"


"But.. Then who..."

Everyone looked at the wizard.






It was finally time to begin, and everyone was in a costume. The mime was talking to Turaga Dume, who was a werewolf.


"Nice job picking the graveyard mansion for the party spot, Turaga!" Lewa said. "We have the punch, the bobbing for apples, and pin the tail on the Kane-ra!"


Turaga Vakama got up on a podium and viewed the crowd. "A sight for sore eyes, if you want them" He muttered. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first annual Halloween party, and please enjoy the 'fun' games we have tonight! Now, a word from Kopaka."


Kopaka got pushed on stage. "Um, thahnk you for haffing us tonigh, Um, pleathe enyoy thuh sthay, an make thure you enter the raffue ticked prige, uh..." At that moment Onua announced "Bobbing for apples and free punch is now open!"


All the Matoran raced to the two games and treats that were open, Kopaka went to the punch stand and punched everybody, while Lewa operated the bobbing for apples game, where everyone jumped in freezing water and tried to bite the apples glued to the ceiling twenty feet above.


"The things people will do for fun, right G-Gali!?" Tahu said as Gali headed the kissing booth.


Tahu grinned.


"Say Gali," he handed her his wallet. "Nice idea."


"I liked it." said Gali and, while Tahu had his lips puckered and his eyes closed, Pohatu the flash placed a pumpkin pie instead of Gali. Tahu angrily spat out pie crust and swiped his wallet back, while Gali stood there laughing.


While this was going on, Takua arrived late. He scrambled to the door as he was deathly afraid of graveyards, when he thought he heard a tombstone fall over.


He rushed inside, and slammed the door.


And in the darkness, Tahu watched.





The party was going great. Kopaka punching people, Tahu repeatedly trying to kis Gali without getting pied, Lewa freezing Matoran in the impossible-to-win game, Onua running the strength test, and Vakama talking into the microphone while no-one wished to hear him.


Onua saw when Matoran swung the hammer, they averaged out at about 30 pounds of force, except for that old lady, who averaged out at about 963.6 tons of force.


Takua noticed drool on the outside of one of the windows. Looking closely at it, he was suddenly surprised by a hideous Tahu face. He, naturally, screamed.


All the hall echoed his girly noise, and every one said at the same time: WHAT IS IT NOW TAKUA!?


It's... It's...  It's Tahu!


Kopaka looked at Tahu and said "I thaid taht costhume look hineous."


Tahu frowned, and suddenly the window shattered. In barrel-rolled an odd, hideous amalgamation of Tahu. He was tall, wore gold armour, and had a mask like a rotting pumpkin.


Gali leaned over. "He's more muscular than you, at least." she whispered.

Tahu growled, and was about to strike when the door burst open.


The rest of the Toa monsters were there.


The version of Onua yawned, and said sleepily "For Emiku! attack!"




All chaos broke loose.


Well, not all of it, but you get the hint.


Tahu took on his doppleganger, and each Toa theirs as well. He swung his fire sword at it, and it completely took the hit with no damage. Confused, Tahu accidentally left himself wide open for a backhand from his pastry-faced lookalike.


Kopaka's archenemy (just declared as so) swung frantically at the valiant ice vampire. He had little sence of balance, though, so he swung around 'till he fell over, and rammed his head into the strength.


It was the old lady's turn, and she didn't like line cutters.


"Get out of the way, sonny!" and she flung him out through the side window and into the distance.


Kopaka grinned, and slowly inched away...


Onua's opponent just collapsed after the first attack and went to sleep.


Onua took the chance to talk to Vakama and Dume. "What the heck are these things?"


Dume spoke up. "It is as we feared..."


"Many years ago, Turaga Matau had a vision concerning the year 2015. He saw these monstrosities hailing from the island of Okoto in the Emiku universe. An alternate dimension that fights against lame spiders and protects floppy protectors. But I know how to deal with it."


Reaching into his bag, he pulled out a golden mask with a grin and glasses. "This is the Kanohi Dealius, the mask of Dealing with it."


He handed it to Onua. "Give it to lewa. Tell him to use it."




Pohatu found out quick his opponent had no speed power, so he went and sped him around 'till he went unconscious.


Gali and her fake just slapped each other, in standard girly style.


Lewa was getting several head injuries. His much bigger double was beating the sense out of him, and knocked him flat on his back.


When Onua showed up with the mask, Lewa hastily put it on. "Geez, I need a headguard like this convenient mask here!"


The power of the mask glowed, and all the doubles started screaming.


"No! we're not meant to be dealt with! help!!!"


Before long, they had shriveled into dust.





As everyone was leaving, Tahu handed the mask back to Dume. "Thanks. You really saved our necks back there, but.. Will they ever return?"


"Most likely." said Vakama. "Which is why you much be ready for when they do."


"What I want to know," butted in Lewa "is why can't we ever hear of impending doom before it happens, when afterwards it is shown you obviously knew the whole time?"


Dume and Vakama looked at each other, and then said "Ooh, look! a reindeer!"


The Toa turned to look, and the two Turaga bolted away.


"Well," said Kopaka, taking out the plastic teeth, "I think this ended well. Except for the two broken windows."


"Yeah." said Pohatu, and they all went inside to have some more candy corn.









Outside, in the marsh, a strange creature looked at his calendar. It's almost time, it thought. It quickly placed on a Santa hat.






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