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Your Favorite Part of the Original Line



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Quick guide to the choices:


-Sets: The sets Lego released every year

-Story: The story the comics/novels/serials/movies gave us

-Lore: All the little bits of trivia that we got about the world of Bionicle (How kanohi are made, how Bohrok are made, etc)

-Atmosphere: The atmosphere of Bionicle, given to us via promo pics, videos, etc

-Fanbase: The fanbase. From BZPower to the official Lego message boards

why is this happening

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Is this really suitable for multiple-choice?
I could have easily picked all of them but since I thought that wouldn't be in keeping, I just went for the fanbase. The community is what has kept me around over the years and it's led me to meet many great people.

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My favorite part of Gen 1 Bionicle was the story. I always enjoyed it, whether it came from the books, serials, or movies. I also liked every year of it, even 2010 despite how short it was.


I also chose the fanbase, since that is what has mostly kept me interested in the line since it ended. I probably wouldn't still be into Bionicle if I wasn't a member here.

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Lore. Once we started expanding into character histories and backgrounds inside the Mata Nui robot, and further expanding on how everything fits together like gears of machine (inb4 giant dobot), is what really kept me around. The island theme from 2001-2003 never appealed to me later on when I started growing up, however introducing the Brotherhood, Hunters, and Piraka changed the game for me.



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Lore. It's what made Bionicle Bionicle. 

I keep hearing all of this nonsense that Bionicle's lore is too complicated, too convoluted, or too long. If anything, that only makes Bionicle more like real life. The world we live in has a long, complicated, and convoluted lore, I don't see why so many people are opposed to it being in Bionicle. 


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Everything was good, but I guess I went through phases when it came to what was my favorite. :P The sets were first, because they are what drew me in. Story and lore (and sets) later because that's what kept me around and interested from ~2004 to 2008 or so, and the fanbase (and Axalara) towards the end because the story was too convoluted by that point and I didn't have the time or interest to keep up with it.

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Sets, lore, and fan base.


I don't think I really need to go in detail as to why I voted those three, the answers are pretty obvious!


However, I chose to not pick the story and atmosphere because after 2005, I really didn't enjoy how the story was executed. The atmosphere and story went hand in hand 2006 and on, and I suppose it lost its mystical touch for me. That may be from the flop ending to the big secret, but otherwise, I can't quite put my finger on it.


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