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RPG: Frostbite

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IC: Beth


One second, Beth was taking her first step towards the safehouse. The next, she was on her knees, leaning against the car's open door and clutching what was left of her shoulder near the spot where her flesh ended and her robotic arm began. Getting shot hadn't hurt quite as much as she thought it would have, but , it still hurt.

As much as the pain blurred her thoughts, she still had enough sense to know that the shooter was probably lining up the next shot. With what little strength she had left, she threw her weight to the side and fell into the car's backseat. Somewhat fortunately, the poison-tipped round had buried itself in the part of her shoulder made of plastic and metal. Less fortunately, however, the impact had dislodged a fragment of the metal, and that fragment had nicked an artery on its way out of her shoulder. The poison was unlikely to kill her, but she was rapidly losing blood.

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