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Karagarak (AKA- Vortixx Hordika) BFTGM

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Name: Karagarak (The Vortixx Hordika)

Origins: Xia

Current Location: Spherus Magna

Powers: None

Status: Alive

Goals: To kill Lesovikk and all Visorak 



Karagarak was a Vortixx merchant on Xia who, on a trip to Stelt, landed on the island of Visorak. Upon landing at the shore, his ship crashed on the beach, leaving him ship-wrecked. He began to wander the island, and ran into Toa Lesovikk, who was being pursued by  horde of visorak. Lesovikk left Karagarak, who was captured an mutated by the visorak. In is mutated form he escaped from the visorak and began to hunt Lesovikk. When Teridax was defeated, Karagarak moved to Spherus Magna and continued his hunt.



Entry Picture


Gallery (When public)

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