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What Hero Factory character would you want to dress as for Halloween?


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Hi, guys!:) As the title says, what Hero Facotry character would you want to dress as for Halloween? I know Halloween happened a week and two days ago, but I am just asking. A Hero Facotry costume doesn't have to be real or fake. It could be either way (even though there are no Hero Facotry costumes existing as much as I know).

For me, I would dress as Bulk, Stringer, Thunder, Rotor, Von Nebula, Drilldozer, Fire Lord, Rocka, Raw-Jaw, Black Phantom, Splitface, Core Hunter, Pyrox, Bruizer, Ogrum, Frost Beast, or Splitter Beast. :) I know it's a lot, but these are the characters that I feel would prefer to dress as.

So, there. You see what I mean?


Anyway, what about you guys?:)

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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Ooh, interesting question! Evo or Nex from the Breakout series would be fun, and their proportions are basic enough that fitting the costume to my body would probably not be too difficult (unlike, say, a Dragon Bolt or Toxic Reapa costume).


I've actually wanted to try making wearable Hero Factory shells out of foam core or some other material for quite a while. Although now if I did so, I'd probably try to put together a costume of one of the new BIONICLE characters instead, since BIONICLE is more important to me and probably to most of the people I'd be interacting with.

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Evo? Scary? I don't see it. He's definitely one of my two favorites, right alongside his brother Nex, and so I'd probably dress up as either 3.0 Nex or Breakout Evo.

Come to think of it, I feel that Evo and Nex are pretty good choices that I would prefer to dress up as.:)


Anyway, since why do you guys think Evo has an evil tendency when he killed some monsters in IFB? I don't think Evo has the evil tendency. It's just that he had to do this for Antropolis and his friends, even though that causing infanticides on the creatures looks immoral.

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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If I would dress for halloween as one of the Hero Factory character it would be a scary one becuase it's Halloween not Happyween, so I would pick Aquagon because he is so bad of a set, that it's scary.

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