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Looking to complete parts of my collection


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I'd like to sell some of these to help pay for my 2015 Bionicle purchases, but I also need some sets/parts. I only ship to the US and Canada, buyer pays shipping (Paypal please) - Canada shipping will be more expensive. Upon finalizing a deal, I may need a day or two for packaging. Photos are available upon request! But please only request them if you are interested in a deal.


All sets are in good used condition.



Vakama Hordika (can ship with canister for a little extra)
Matau Hordika (with 1 disk)
Kohrak (can ship with canister for a little extra)
Gahlok (can ship with canister for a little extra)
Nuhvok with grey Krana
I only have 2 spare Bohrok rubber bands, so only the first two will have them.
Onua Nuva
Gahlok Va
Nuhvok Va
Tahnok Va
Pahrak Va
All Vahki except for Green
One additional blue Vahki, wrong disk (can ship with canister for a little extra)
Parts (ask for specific parts)
I've also got a Muaka (missing rubber bands), but I'm not interested in selling it unless someone has a particularly good offer.


Sets that I want:

Tahnok Kal
Gahlok Kal
Matau Metru
Nokama Metru
Pohatu Phantoka
Hewkii Mahri


Parts that I want:

Most masks  (I especially want a Hau Nuva, Silver Avohkii, and a Black Kraahkan)
Lewa Mata's axe
Kopaka Nuva's shield
Turaga Nuju's staff
Turaga Nokama's staff
X1 Vakama Metru thigh armor
X2 Gali Mata arms
X2 Gunmetal Nuva chest armor (from Teridax)
X1 Guurahk head
X2 Vorahk staff pieces
Silver Bohrok eyes
Black Bohrok eyes
Black size 2 Technic axles


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