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The Spectacular Jasukra

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     Deviously well-mannered, Jasukra passes his dark magic off as the parlor tricks of a traveling magician in order to con the inhabitants of Okoto out of their most treasured possesions: the Golden Masks.


     So this is going to be my entry in Battle For The Gold Mask. Hopefully you can tell that he's wearing a tuxedo and tie. I tried to really give him character outside of the "KILL! DESTROY!" brutish villain or muahahaha evil mastermind, with the beard, mustache, and suit hopefully giving off a con man vibe. He's more than that, though: he's also a master of the dark arts, but he prefers not to get his hands dirty. I haven't entered him yet, because I'm hoping to get a few critiques or a 'go ahead' (unlikely) from you, the master builders of BZPower, first, and act upon anything I find substantial before submitting him.


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Wonderful. You have my vote.

The way you combined the dragon-type design with the suit is brilliant, but not as brilliant as the way you made the face, making it look like it was normally scary and vicious, but giving it a slight eyebrow raise right in the center, creating a saddened or concerned look on it was award-winning. Also, the goatee. Nicely done. FIVE STARS!!!

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I never thought I'd ever see an MOC dressed up as a stage magician. Kudos to you!


On a side note, this is probably one of My favorite entries for the Competition. Good Job making this!




(I'll do this eventually, I swear...)


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Forget about the competition; this is one of the coolest MOCs I've ever seen anywhere. This guy has character, beautifully elaborated by seamless, flawless design. I also love card magic, so seeing those cards fanned in his claws was just a wonderful thing. I hope you get far in the competition!



"Baby, in the final analyses, love is power. That's where the power's at."






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He's spectacular indeed. It kind of looks like he's wearing knickers, which makes him even better! My favorite part is the head, and your use of the Vastus armor. Such a beautiful part, but hard to use IMO. The wand is great, as is the pose. As mentioned above, he's got loads of character. Really nice work. :)


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