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BZP General Art Contest #21 Entry

Specter Knight

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So... I figured I'd have my own go at this contest thing.




I know, I can't make excessively long links shorter, but this'll have to do. I was going for a style that welcomes the New era of Bionicle, yet hearkens back to the original series.


I think i may have made it a tad too complex, but I'll see what you think. Enjoy!  :D

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(I'll do this eventually, I swear...)


My BZPRPG Characters

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Thanks for entering! Don't forget to post your entry in the contest topic to submit it officially.


I love the composition; some of the background images, however, are a little fuzzy. Maybe it will look better when scaled down on the social media pages, and maybe it's something you couldn't really help - but if you want to try to get sharper screens, you are allowed to edit!

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