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Bohrok Adventures

Rahkshi Lalonde

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Chapter I

BG: walk through door

B L: scope surroundings.

BN: Take PC.

Chapter II

BG: Enter

Do You See Those Things Over There?

Be the Tahnok clones.

B L: Put them on.

BN: call BG.

BN: Go find BP

.Chapter III

RT: Retrieve arms from-

Right, back to the girl.

Turahk: Get going!

RT: What were you doing?

Gahlok: The task at hand?

Girls: Relate.

Turahk: Advance.

Close your eyes

Turahk: Scrape some leeches off the wall.

Turahk: Enter


Chapter One:


You are the BOHROK TAHNOK. You appear to be trapped in a near-blank room with a PUMPKIN and a GREAT KANOHI PAKARI.what do you do?


BT: turn yourself into a thinner, easier to draw, more humanoid form.


You do just that.


BT: eat the pumpkin.


Stop being silly, that's obviously a marrow.


BT: Put on the PAKARI and smash down door.


The power! you feel like you could do anything!




Not really, the kanohi is powerless and therefore useless.Still, it wouldn't hurt to COLLECTILIZE it.




You place it in one of your HEADPLATE SLOTS next to your FLAME SHIELDS.


BT: make a clone of yourself and color it green.


through a course of events far too complicated to state. you have successfully cloned yourself.


You are now the BOHROK LEHVAK.




The PUMPKIN appeared in the headplate slot next to your ACID SHIELDS.


BT: Use B L as a battering ram to knock down the door.




This is of course useless as the door is already unlocked.


BT: Be someone else.



you are in a room with one large window. near the wall facing you is a cupboard.


BG: search cupboard.


In the Cupboard there were X4 drinking glasses.you put them in your HEADPLATE next to your WATER SHIELDS.


BG:Put glasses on hands and clack them together like crab claws.


This is incredibly silly and will probably end badly.




See, What did i tell you?






BG: Break fourth wall.


You attempt to break the fourth wall.




safadsfdhfdghfgyfkhg- now look what you've done!


CK: switch to second wall viewing.000018.gif

Switching to second wall.


BG: explore other end of room.000019.png

The second wall shows us a doorway that was previously hidden.But besides that, and the remains of the fourth wall , it is really quite bland.

you probably should put a painting here when you have the time.




You Pick up X1 broken DRINKING GLASS.

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BG: Walk through door.


Indeed, that seems like a very wise thing to-




Oh well that's just stupid.


B L: Walk through door.


Now this seems like the right option at this moment.




BT: Rescue your fallen comrade.000025.pngThose STAIRS are mighty dangerous.you wouldn't want to injure yourself, you suppose you'll stay up here. for safety's sake.




You are now the BOHROK PAHRAK.You enjoy filling your room with a vast collection of vegetable marrows,these are also your favorite snack.


BP: Think of eating a marrow.


You prefer to call them SQUASH, yourself. they are indeed quite tasty.


Squash:Become nervous.


The faces this girl is making in your direction are rather upsetting, you begin to tremble feverishly.


Marrow: turn into a pumpkin.


Oh if only you could turn into this vegetable of her disliking.however, unlike some vegetables you are stuck as a STABLE SQUASH.


Vegetable: Meet untimely fate.


Things are looking mighty grim for you...


BP: enjoy food.


You chomp down on your unfortunate victim.






BP: Inspect.000033.pngIt would appear to be two poor souls trapped on opposite ends of a SLOTTED INCLINE.You wish there was some way you could help.


BP: Start London based Oil company and gain lots of money.


This is an utterly preposterous idea, and you question where you could have ever gotten it from.


BP: regard hunger.


You wish you had finished eating that squash earlier.


BP: eat the green one.000036.gif

Green, like a vegetable, right?


BT: regard danger.


Egad! your companion is in peril.


BT: scurry down stairs post haste.000038.pnghere goes,





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BL: scope surroundings.


You appear to have fallen into a cavernous pit,your only companion is a suspicious looking marrow.




You can never have too many vegetables.


B L: Use ACID SHIELDS on wall.


You bonehead! all you've managed to do is make yourself digest faster.


Marrow: valiantly give life for friend.


Your companion sacrifices itself to spare you some time.


CK: switch focus for "suspense".


"One focus switch coming right up!"


BK: Explode.




*This space pending!*


BG: Land already.000047.gif

You land in a room full of SQUASH.


BG: exit room.


You have no idea what wait's for you outside this-






BP:resist urge to eat blue bohrok.000050.pngyou succeed in not eating this third bohrok. though you aren't sure how long you can hold the urge.


BT: land.


you land lightly on your previous companions head.you are in a bit of a tight spot though.


BT: make clone to stand on.


This is completely pointless.


BT: clone Lehvak.


This second clone pushes Tahnok up through the hole.


BT: Pull Lehvak through hole.


You pull the green bohrok through the hole into the room above.


BT&BL: Pull clones through hole.000054.pngOh dear, it would appear the clones have perished in the acid.BT&B L: Walk through door.000055.pngNow, I must warn you about the-


BT&BL: happen.




BP: Notice guests.


Oh, how nice.

They look awfully familiar though.


BN: wake up.

*this space pending!*

That was the most horrifying dream ever.


BN: don glasses.


Of course, you can't see a thing without them.You equip the GLASSES.

[bohrok Nuhvok]

(Weapon: Tunnel shields)

(Wear: glasses)


BN: go through door.


You wish there was a logical explanation for this.

You wish....


Many thanks for your praise, you don't know how much this means to me.

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BN: Try to calm things down.000061.pngYou try this, but only seem to confuse them.-->000062.gifIt's like they seriously don't have a single brain between the four of them.BT: Show us your mad cloning skillz again.000063.pngYou create another successful copy of yourself.BT: Reunite with friend.000064.pngAre you crazy, you don't even know the guy.BP: Retreat upstairs.000065.pngForget this lot, you need something to eat.BP: Walk through door.000066.pngYou enter NUHVOK's ROOM. the only thing remotely edible in here is the bed.BP: Eat bed.000067.pngIt'll do.BN: Follow brown bohrok.000068.pngYou'd best go see what that lunatic is up to.BN: Enter.000069.pngThat little demon!BN: Arm.000070.gifGladly...BN: STRIKE.000071.gif-->000072.pngGreat, you missed your target and tore through the wall,Where are you?BN: Describe000073.pngAn essentially empty room with a computer in the corner.Oh yeah, and the hole you just tore in the wall.BP: Rest000074.pngGood Idea, digestion takes lots of energy.-->000075.pngYou know ,that's an awfully bad eating habit you've got there.-->000076.pngHere, try this.BP: Examine book.000077.pngYour incredibly tiny brain cannot comprehend the contents of this book, though the picture on the cover does give you an idea...BP: Eat book.000078.pngNo,No, You bonehead!-->000079.pngYou have company.-->000080.pngPleeeeease try to be civil.BP: Tidy mess.000081.pngYes, that's goo-Noooooo![X4- Wood splinters]-->000082.gifThat was stupid,-->000083.pngYou moron.BT: Ookaaaaay...000084.pngThere really isn't much else to do here.-->000085.pngBut wait, what's this?RT: Facepalm000086.pngYou don't know how much more you can take.-------------------------------------------------------------------Update!

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BN: Take PC.000087.pngAwhoops.-->000088.pngyou take X1 IPHONE.BN: Call somebody.000089.pngtime... to get my KNOCKOFF on.BG: Regard Phone.000090.pngOh yeah, your phone, Whoops.BG: Answer.000091.png----------------------------------------BG: hello?BG: who is this?BN: Aaugh!BG: what?BN: You can talk,BN: You're intelligent?BG: yeeeess...BG: last i checked i was.BN: ......BG: what?BN: .......BG: are you still there?BN: Hold on, I have to destroy something.----------------------------------------BN: Destroy something.000092.pngYou decide that talking is for crazy people, you shall never talk again.Unless it's an emergency.BN: Whoops000093.pngThe remains of your COMPUTER lay on the floor. luckily, this thing seems to regenerate.BN: Take PC(again.)000094.pngYou leave the broken one where it is, Pahrak's probably just gonna eat it anyway.Later-->000095.pngThere is a smashed computer in the middle of the room, and an intact one in the corner.BT: Use intact PC.000096.pngYou look at the screen, it is covered in pretty icons.BT: Open shipping program.000097.pngYou do just that.-->000098.pngNO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO!BT: Regard Computerized Logic.000099.pngCould, could it be TRUE?RK: RAEG!!000100.pngTHESE BOHROK ARE FREAKING MORONS, ALL OF THEM!!!!!!BT: Fix Err.000101.pngFINALLY!RT: Entertain000102.pngYou suppose you could find something to do that doesn't involve Bohrok...RT: Read comedy000103.pngWhat- what is this?-->000104.pngYou wish you could describe the slop you just read...PBN: Be contactedHello,000105.pngAre you a bohrok?Vorahk told me about bohrok, What do they taste like?000106.pngCould you please tell me,I want to know.000107.pngI am rather hungry,even after i tried eating Vorahk's staffs, I actually feel hungrier now.000108.pngWait- Where are you going?are you running away?000109.pngdon't forget to watch out for-000110.pngoops.I warned you about the stairs,000111.gifI told you.BG: Contact BN.000112.pngBG: hello?BG: remember me?BG: we talked earlier,BG: but i never got your name.BG: mine's Gahlok,BG: hello?BG: are you there?BG: is something wrong?BG: hello?End Chapter One-----------------------------------------------Chapter one, reposted.

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Chapter 2BK: Be the Clawbine.000113.pngYou are not too sure what a Clawbine is, or how you can even be one. yet, you somehow pull it off.Clawbine: Recap?000114.gifThe Clawbine cannot give a recap, because it is just a crab and that would be just plain silly.CK: Recap?000115.gifThe author cannot recap, because he is simply too busy making the updates he should have worked on during forum downtime.Oh okay: be Pahrak then.000116.pngPahrak is too preoccupied at the moment.Be Pahrak.000117.gifShe really doesn't want to be bothered right now.Gahlok?000118.pngYou are now the BOHROK GAHLOK.Hello There.000119.pngAnd Who Would You Be?Has Anybody Told You How Beautiful You Are?000120.pngYou Seem Rather Intelligent As Well.Could i get You To Do Something For Me?000121.pngWell, For My Friend, Actually.Go Up Those stairs.000122.gifGood Girl.



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BG: Enter000123.pngOne Of My Friends Is Trying To Give One Of Your Friends An Important Item You Will Need.BG: Look inside.000124.pngAs For You, You've Got Some Retrieving To Do Yourself.BG: Leap.000125.pngJump Down That Hole...BG: Land.000126.png000127.pngSuch An Amazing Girl...Meanwhile...000128.gifFOR THE LOVE OF MAKUTA TERIDAX, JUST OPEN THE PROGRAM!!!BT: Open program.000129.gifTHERE, YOU"VE GOT IT.-->000130.pngIf he were any slower, he WOULDN"T BE MOVING AT ALL!

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Do You See Those Things Over There?000131.pngYes, The Jagged Spikes Right Over There.I Need You To Remove Those.000132.pngIt May Be A Bit Difficult.BT: click send ONE(1).000133.gif000134.pngnow i need you to put an item in that slot. pick anything you want, it doesn't matter, just hurry!BT: Put PAKARI in left-hand slot.000135.pngthat thing? what is that thing, anyway?oh well, doesn't really matter here's the rope you need.000136.pngjust click send and you're DONE!BT: Click.000137.gif000138.gifwell, ALMOST done, i forgot about the ridiculously long wait afterwards. hope you like STANDING IN FRONT OF THAT COMPUTER! ;DRK: Rest.000139.pngAt least that's over.

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Be the Tahnok clones.000140.pngYou are now LEHVAK and KOHRAK.B L&BK: Go adventurin' !000141.pngYou both agree that it is about time you left that staircase.Wait! what about the others?000142.gifYeah right, as if they ever cared about you. To them you were nothing more than cloned material, duplicates of the original.B L&BK: Well, let's go then.000143.pngYou couldn't agree more! It's time to get this show on the--->000144.gifroad.B L& BK: Examine body.000145.pngFor some reason, this girl looks familiar...-->000146.pngYes! she was the one who wouldn't stop flailing about earlier, and- WHAT ARE YOU DOING!-->000147.pngHe informs you that, as a corpse, she won't be needing these things anymore.B L: Correct.000148.pngYou point out the light that indicates she is still ALIVE.He says "Oh".B L: Take Glasses.000149.pngYou'll be taking those.



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B L: Put them on.000150.gifLadies and gentelmen, say hello to the CEO of the Coolsville cool department, Mister Cool.CEO: Back to Business.000151.pngOh right, you've got an adventure to attend to.B L&BK: Exit stage left.000152.gifAs you make your wayto the door, you suddenly switch to being a different bohrok, at a different point in time, in the future.Be future nuhvok.000153.pngYou are now the Bohrok Nuhvok at some pont in the future.BN: Check vitals.000154.gifThough not entirely DEAD, your HIT POINTS LIFTARM is down several pins.BN: Heal already!000155.gifSeeing as how you've been resting this whole time, it would ony make sense that your LIFTARM regains a few missing pins.BN: Wake.000156.gifYou awaken from your prolonged nap with the feeling...-->000157.png....that...-->000158.png...something's.-->000159.gif...missing.BN: count limbs.000160.gifWell, this is unusual...---------------------------------------------I'm going to have to put BAC in the credits at some point.also, Mysterious character previw.

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BN: call BG.000161.gifYou have a feeling as to who's behind these shenan- OH COME ON!BN: go upstairs.000162.gifNever, not even for the sake of communication.BN: What about that door over there?000163.gifYou walk into the doorway and- HOW DO YOU EVEN-tThat room doesn't even have a door.BN: Look.000164.pngall doors aside, this is just the room you were looking for. and heres the COMPUTER, right where you left it.BN: Check PC.000165.gifSomeone is trying to get your attention.BN: Respond.000166.pngRL: OHMAKUTAIMSOSORRY!BN: What, who is this?RL: i'm not supposed to say my name, sorry. : (BN: It's okay. What are you so sorry about?RL: the stairs thing, i probably should've warned you sooner.BN: Oh, that. I'm okay, really.RL: no you're not, your arm is missing. D: RL: sorry.BN: No, really, I'm okay. Stop worrying about me.RL: really?BN: Yes, I'm fine! Okay?RL: that's good. : DBN: When you last contacted me, you said some pretty wierd things.BN: What was that all about?RL: oh, SORRY!RL: i wasn't entirely myself at that time.RL: tip for the future: hunger staffs are not toys.BN: Haha, I know somebody like that.BN actually, I'd better check on her.BN See you later.RL: bye! : D

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BN: Go find BP.000167.pngYou probably should, last time you saw her she was eating your bed. Who knows what sort of bizarre things she's probably tried ingesting in the time you've been unconcious?BN: Leave room.000168.gifYou head out in search of- You are now a dfferent bohrok, at a different time, in the past.BG: Where were we?000169.pngYou finally got the last one of those spikes out, and are now awaiting further instruction.you have also decided to take a short rest.BG: What about that other girl?000170.pngThat's right! What about her? last time you saw her she was headed upSTAIRS. you'd better check to make sure she's okay.BG: Call BN.000171.pngBG: hello?BG: remember me?BG: we talked earlier,BG: but i never got your name.BG: mine's Gahlok,BG: hello?BG: are you there?BG: is something wrong?BG: hello?BG: Imagine the worst.000172.gifWhat if... what if some horrible RAHI leapt from the shadows and attacked her!?BG: Flip out.000173.gifRV: No,RV: Please,RV: You Were Doing So Well,RV: Couldn't We Just,RV: Talk About this,RV: In A Relativly Calm Manner?RV: Oh Makuta.End Chapter 2--------------------------------------Another enemy preview, this time in exciting gahlok-vision! Also, if anybody was wondering about bohrok anatomy.

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Chapter III-->000174.pngAs the bohrok are not quite cooperating, it looks like it's time for the ALPHABETIZED-COLOR-CODED-SPECIES-CHOICE-WHEEL.Spin wheel.Click HereLot's of different choices. Well, unless it lands on B. then you're stuck with bohrok.Wheel: Land already!000176.pngAs the wheel comes to a grinding hault, it stops on... R. which depicts an insectoid creature, what is this creature?Enter name.000177.gif...R... ...A... ...H... ...K... ...S... ...H... ...I...-->000178.pngA young RAHKSHI stands in her room, which is not really her room. It belongs to her employer/father-figure. But to enable some sense of possesion, let's say it's her room. but, What is her NAME?Enter Name.000179.gifIf you're not going to take this seriosly, we're going back to bohrok.Try Again.000180.gifIt would appear her name is RAHKSHI TURAHK. Edited by Rahkshi Lalonde
Please keep all posted images under 500 kB.
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RT: Retrieve arms from-000181.gifYOU HAVE ARMS, THEY"VE BEEN HERE THE WHOLE TIME! IT HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY SHOWN THAT YOU, HAVE, ARMS!RT: Whoa! Calm down.000182.gifyou're right, you are absolutely right, no need to go crazy like that.RT: you seem stressed, maybe you need some sleep?000183.pngNo way, you just woke up from a long nap.-->000184.pngBesides, it takes forever to wash that stuff off.RT: Have a sudden severe style change that alters your entire physical form.000185.pngThat's just silly, you're still just Rahkshi Turahk. and of course, why would you be anything else? the entire concept is absurd.CK:Remind me what is a Rahkshi? I've forgotten.000186.pngWell, just to recap, All Rahkshi start as slug-like creatures called Kraata, which go through a powerful metamorphosis to become metal-plated lizard-like Rahkshi.Okay, but how does that happen?000187.pngThe Lord of the Shadows breeds Kraata for the very purpose of creating Rahkshi. he starts by submerging them in energized protodermis. there, a terrifying transformation occurs. from Kraata slug, to Rahkshi warrior.That makes sense but-000188.pngAnd they are his servants of shadow, he keeps them deep within his lair, waiting for the perfect opportunity to STRIKE!Well that's all very nice but what about our story? our heroine?000189.pngWhat? oh, right... ...her.well,i guess I'll have to save the one on Rahkshi anatomy for some other time.



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Right, back to the girl.000190.pngYou are once again Rahkshi Turahk. what were you going to do?RT: Check PC.000191.png000192.pngYou goo over to take a peek at your PERSONAL COMPUTER. the desktop is cluttered with VARIOUS PROGRAM ICONS, and the background is SOMETHING REALLY AWESOME, whatever it is.-->000193.gifWhoops, incoming call.RT: Answer mysterious contact.000194.pngOh, he's a mystery all right, you really wish there was a way to avoid this.RP: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey girl whats up?RT: Don't you have something better to do?RP: no not reallyRP: nothing better to do than talk to youRT: Makuta, what is wrong with you? it's like you have this need to be irritating and clingy!RP: if i seem clingyRP: maybe its just because i like you?RP: you are after allRP: a very attractive ladyRT: That's it,RT: I'm done here.RP: no wait!RP: theres something else i need to tell you!RT: What?RP: i think youll find it pretty interestingRT: What is it?RP: nuh-uhRP: youve gotta come here to seeRT: Where's "here"? Do you mean your room?RP: yupRT: Why the Karz do you insist on playing these games?RP: ...RP: ...RP: ...RT: Hello?RP: you arent here yetRT: Should I be?RP: yes! hurry go! go! go!RT: OK, OK, I'm going!-----------------------------------------------------Short update is short.But on the side, enjoy the new index and this quick ms-paint drawing of Turahk .



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