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Bohrok Adventures

Rahkshi Lalonde

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Oops, that was... a long break, it's been over a month since i said "soon" and a lot of months since the last update at all! this is problematic. :t


Well, over a month since you had any news whatsoever.


I've been waiting so long! :3


I'm just so happy it's back!!



oh right, :0

'cause it's been, like, four(?) months? five? since the last actual panels. :t



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Turahk: Enter


You enter a dimly lit cavern room, there is an overwhelming presence of dread hanging in the air like a thick fog of misery.

This is where your FATHER lives.


Turahk: Proceed


Advancing to the center of the room, you find a POOL OF PROTODERMIS, this belongs to your father, and he uses it for various purposes. mostly evil purposes though.


Turahk: Dump proto everywhere and scream like a gukko.


No way!

Doing stupid, irrisponsible stuff like that is a one-way ticket to RAHKSHI SCHOOL, which is where you go if you're FLAT OUT BAD at BEING RAHKSHI. and is reportedly a VERY DANGEROUS AND UNPLEASANT PLACE to be at!




You decide to leave the DERMIS VAT alone for now.




Your FATHER is very stern sometimes, he doesn't like it when you break his RULES, technically, you aren't even supposed to be wandering arond like this.




You probably want to avoid any ENCOUNTERS with him today.




actually, you probably want to avoid any encounters whatsoev-




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