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Buying, trading and maybe a bit of selling

Makuta Miras

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First off, I have reported my old topic to be closed, so don't worry about that.
Onto what I'm actually posting this for:
I'm selling a Red Forehead Poisoned Hau Nuva! (Picture) I'm looking for about £3.50 for it, or I'll trade for something(s) of equal value.
Other than that, I'm looking for quite a few Great Kanohi. They are:

  • A white Hau
  • A brown Hau
  • A metallic gold Hau (The type that was included in the 02 Krana Packs, not the Solid Gold 14K Hau :P)
  • A green Akaku
  • A black Kakama
  • A blue Kakama
  • A teal Kakama
  • A burnt orange Kakama
  • A trans-white Kaukau
  • A trans-orange Kaukau
  • A black Miru
  • A brown Miru
  • A teal Miru

Generally, regular recoloured Kanohi are worth around £1, probably a bit less, metallic ones are worth 75p, and ones that came in sets are worth 50p. I based these estimates off of the Bricklink price guide, so they should be fairly accurate. :)


I'd prefer to buy/trade within the UK and Europe, but if you're outside Europe, I won't buy if you can only offer me one or two masks, but I will if you can offer me everything or nearly everything I need. :D


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