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worked at this guy for a couple of years now.. might as well finish him for the fancy contest ^^

I removed all the grey rods and blue dots yesterday


This one was pretty hard to make ( compared to my other mocs at least). If you look at the back, you'll see:

Very few options to  attach basically anything to each other. I struggled with the hips for a very long time: I wanted to use a metru limb, but it kept wobbling : /



Of course, I only have one golden Kraahkan, but I made him asymmetrical to support that, like he was heavily damaged once and he had to repair himself. I awarely used a 2001 and a 2008 connector on his shoulders for example.


left side

right side

another view of his back

his sword (not very imaginative, but good enough to me)



He had 17 points of articulation, most of them in the shoulders and upper arms. Which makes him cower behind his shield like a real powerhouse:


Never thought I would use Skopio in a MOC.


I really like the legs (and that's a first), I used parts from 2002 Threepio. 


I think this is a good contestant, because he looks like a big, mean cartoony villain actually.

This is the folder with the remaining pictures (when public)

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TheSkeletonMan939, Twister92, SPIRIT and Gatanui are awesome for uploading soundtracks and games and stuff.

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I love the colors. The flat gold arm looks very cool, especially in the last photo you embedded. The custom grey arm is cool too, although the knees are a little odd. They look a little too big and round, whereas the rest of the MoC is small and intricate.


I also like the angled chest armor, and I think that the helmet choice is very fitting.


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