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Quest For The Most Popular Set: 2003 - The Challenge To The Nuva

Toa Malachives

Favourite Set From 2003! Only vote on one set!  

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Hello BZPower! I'm on holiday and bored so I decided to make a poll that I hope will make clear the most popular Bionicle set.


How it works: I am going to be going year by year making a poll on which there is an option for every set of that year and when I close them (probably in 1st January 2015) I will make a new poll consisting of the winners of each one which people vote on. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE TWICE ON A SINGLE POLL! Thank you :D!


I will not be counting: anything that isn't Lego, the Turaga Kabaya, any combiners that were not released by themselves (e.g. I will count Kardas but not the Toa Kaita), super rare things like the Piraka Kaita or Sand Tarakava and things like mask packs or Krana.


I will be counting: any standard sets in canisters or boxes, promotional (good/bad guy sets, click, ect), special editions (including combiners like Irnakk) and play-sets.


Keep in mind that these sets are in the forms they are in in that year.


Bionicle 2015: this will be only Gen 1 unless I decide otherwise.


Links to other years (will be updated as uploaded):


2001: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16148-quest-for-the-most-popular-bionicle-set-of-all-time-2001-the-beginning/

2002: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16163-quest-for-the-popular-set-2002-the-swarms/

2003: On it

2004: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16170-quest-for-the-most-popular-bionicle-set-2004-metru-nui-and-silver/

2005: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16171-quest-for-the-most-popular-set-2005-darker-tones-and-the-visorak/?p=797330

2006: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16173-quest-for-the-most-popular-set-2006-yo-yo-piraka-and-old-matoran-given-new-life/?p=797400

2007: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16174-quest-for-the-most-popular-set-2007-into-the-darkness/

2008: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16184-quest-for-the-most-popular-set-2008-the-beginng-of-the-end/

2009: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16187-quest-for-the-most-popular-set-2009-bara-magna/

2010: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16188-quest-for-the-best-set-2010-the-brown-dwarfs/


Feel free to point out anything I've missed or argue with what I will and will not be counting (and anything I've missed in those!)


Ahh, it's more of a clone than the Bohrok-Kal!!!!!

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Lerahk. The Rahkshi were a revolutionary step in Bionicle constraction characters, what with the knee articulation and all. Granted, the six were all just clones of each other, but the Lerahk was a great way to get green sockets.



Gotta agree with this. Green is my favorite color and the Rahkshi were rather revolutionary. Lehrahk!

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Makuta - Its Makuta

Tahu; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Lewa; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Onua; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Kopaka; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Pohatu; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Gali; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). 

Vakama; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Matau; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Whenua; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Nuju; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Onewa; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Nokama; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). 
Matoran; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Huna (x) 
Rahi; Infected Hau (x) Huna (x) Kakama (x) Komau (x) Pakari (x) Ruru ()

Promotional Kanohi - Vahi (x) Chrome Hau (x) Ruru (x) TNGM (x) Copper Huna (x) Copper Komau ()


An (x) means I have, a () means I dont.

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Vorahk. The color scheme looked very well-done, and he had KNEES! 

Plus, his spines matched his power very well, since their thing and withered look gave a sense of 'hungry'. I dunno, that might just be me.

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I mean... Do I have to explain my choice? :P


The Rahkshi in general were a huge change for BIONICLE with their articulation. And they were just plain cool (with my preference for one hopefully being obvious).



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I loved Takanuva. Such a sleek design, cool vehicle, plus gold and Mask of Light. B)



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I loved Takanuva and Ussanui - Takanuva was a really cool Toa with an excellent colour scheme and the Ussanui in itself was a fun, imaginative build. But I loved Makuta as well - it really personified the villain with a pretty sweet menacing design. So... I went with Takutanuva. I mean, that should count right? It's both of the sets in one. Don't care all too much about Takutanuva himself though, pretty much a modified Makuta but you can't go wrong with a design so awesome, right?




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Voted for Takua and Pewku. I love the colors (purple and burnt orange are quite a rarity), the functionality was really cool, some nice pieces (tubes, Bohrok eyes, the silver mouth piece), and it's just the set I had the most fun with. Except for the Rahkshi, but I honestly found their Kraata-flinging functionality to be very annoying, and they didn't come with many good parts - the sockets were great, but all of the dark grey parts were in the ugly old dark grey color, and the colored parts were pearly and slightly different from the norm, making them hard to use. The Kraata were also bland, with designs that were all extremely similar, and they had no use in the set other than to collect.


I still think the Rahkshi are absolutely awesome sets, and some of the greatest villains, but set-wise they are a little flawed.


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Makuta was my favourite set, although I really, really wanted Takanuva (bonus: Ussanui), & (Takua &) Pewku; so Takutanuva was my vote!

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Vohrak. The Rahkshi were so awesome, heck they still are, and the Earth element was always my favorite. Takanuva was so awesome too! The Avhokii is still one of my favorite masks to date, just so cool.

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Oh man this is so hard. It's difficult to argue against the revolutionary design of the Rahkshi, but other sets, such as Takanuva and the Ussani, were also great. Somehow Takua and Pewku wins out, with the rolling function and all. Plus Takua (and Jaller, if you get him) and ride Pewku.

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Mr. Ex-Chronicler himself, for sure.  One of the line's best masks (x2), gold Nuva armor, dark grey Hau and other good pieces on the Ussanui (does that mean "great"-something, by the way? Great vehicle?), and, of course, the SWOOSH FACTOR.


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I chose Takua and Pewku.  I still think Pewku has one of the most unique functions of any Bionicle set, with his moving legs (even if the system did slip apart more often than not). Clickclickclickclickclick....

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L     This link is a bit old, but there's still some good info about combiners there.


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I'm not a huge fan of 2003, but I'd say that Takanuva is my favorite set of 2003. His design is pretty unique, being entirely white and gold, and I remember being pretty excited when I got him due to all the hype surrounding him at the time. He's also the source of one of my only "rare" masks, so there's that too. Makuta also looks pretty cool, but I never got him, so I didn't vote for him.

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