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Quest For The Most Popular Set: 2007 - Into The Darkness

Toa Malachives

Favourite set from 2007! Please do not vote for Moore than one set!  

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Hello BZPower! I'm on holiday and bored so I decided to make a poll that I hope will make clear the most popular Bionicle set.


How it works: I am going to be going year by year making a poll on which there is an option for every set of that year and when I close them (probably in 1st January 2015) I will make a new poll consisting of the winners of each one which people vote on. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE TWICE ON A SINGLE POLL! Thank you :D!


I will not be counting: anything that isn't Lego, the Turaga Kabaya, any combiners that were not released by themselves (e.g. I will count Kardas but not the Toa Kaita), super rare things like the Piraka Kaita or Sand Tarakava and things like mask packs or Krana.


I will be counting: any standard sets in canisters or boxes, promotional (good/bad guy sets, click, ect), special editions (including combiners like Irnakk) and play-sets.


Keep in mind that these sets are in the forms they are in in that year.


Bionicle 2015: this will be only Gen 1 unless I decide otherwise.


Links to other years (will be updated as uploaded):


2001: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16148-quest-for-the-most-popular-bionicle-set-of-all-time-2001-the-beginning/

2002: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16163-quest-for-the-popular-set-2002-the-swarms/?p=796972

2003: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16164-quest-for-the-most-popular-set-2003-the-challenge-to-the-nuva/?p=797011


2005: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16171-quest-for-the-most-popular-set-2005-darker-tones-and-the-visorak/?p=797330

2006: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16173-quest-for-the-most-popular-set-2006-yo-yo-piraka-and-old-matoran-given-new-life/?p=797400

2007: On it now

2008: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16184-quest-for-the-most-popular-set-2008-the-beginng-of-the-end/

2009: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16187-quest-for-the-most-popular-set-2009-bara-magna/

2010: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16188-quest-for-the-best-set-2010-the-brown-dwarfs/


Feel free to point out anything I've missed or argue with what I will and will not be counting (and anything I've missed in those!).


(A year after the Barraki succeeded in defeating the Brotherhood and are taking over the Matoran Universe.


Pridak: Hello and welcome to the monthly Barraki meeting, first off would anyone like to say any important news.


All of the other five Barraki: I am staging an intervention! My armies are ready to destroy Pridak's to prove that I should be the leader of the Barraki!!!!!!!!!


Takadox: What?! We can't all take over the Barraki at the same time!!


Ehlek: This will never work....


Mata Nui: Of course it won't! You are a bunch of traitorous fools wanting to overthrow the universe that you live in.


Mantax: Who's that?


Mata Nui: Me, Mata Nui! The entire universe, you know, everything. The thing that just thought about crushing your armies and did.


Pridak: NOOOOO!!!!


Mata Nui: Botar!


*Botar takes the Barraki to The Pit*

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Maxilos and Spinax. His torso and upper arms are extremely well designed, and the rest of him is creative in some way or another. His pet is also very cool.


Even though Axonn is my all time favorite, I think that 2007 had the best titans overall. They were all phenomenal.


The Toa Terrain Crawler would probably be my favorite set, but I've never owned it and it seems unobtainable...I want it so bad  :drooling:


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Ehlek and Hydraxon

Tahu; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Lewa; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Onua; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Kopaka; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Pohatu; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Gali; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). 

Vakama; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Matau; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Whenua; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Nuju; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Onewa; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Nokama; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). 
Matoran; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Huna (x) 
Rahi; Infected Hau (x) Huna (x) Kakama (x) Komau (x) Pakari (x) Ruru ()

Promotional Kanohi - Vahi (x) Chrome Hau (x) Ruru (x) TNGM (x) Copper Huna (x) Copper Komau ()


An (x) means I have, a () means I dont.

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These are going up faster than Toa Mangai Polls.

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lesovikk fans represent

-i mean-

matoro died to save mata nui ;-;

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2007 was another year where I was a big fan of all the sets - but while some of the Toa Mahri were really good, and both Lesovikk and Hydraxon were awesome, my money has to go to Maxilos & Spinax. I bought that set the instant I saw it in the store; it was tall, imposing, and I really liked the color scheme. Maxilos was awesome.

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This was definitely an interesting year. There were a lot of hits and a lot of misses for me, but no real standout favorite.


Playsets: Didn't get any from this year (and only sort of want one now), so that should speak for itself...


Small sets: Actually my favorite Matoran we got and getting Rahi in the form of the Hydruka as incentive sets was awesome. Actually very pleased that year with them all. But not my favorites...


Barraki: Ehhh, maybe like half. Ehlek looked fantastic, but the issues with lime plastic that year soiled him as a solid set. Mantax and Pridak were also pretty cool.


Mahri: Also really only liked half. Hewkii was fantastic, Jaller gets points for his crab buddy, and Hahli Mahri is my favorite Toa of Water set design (that again gets marred by plastic issues that can't really be forgiven).


Large sets: Nocturn was an early standout (and I never had any issues with his lime parts). The others that came later in the year not so much... Maxilos wins for size and aesthetics (plus more Rahi pets yay!), but he always seemed somewhat gangly and I never really had fun playing with him.


Actually, yeah... Thinking it all out like that makes it kind of obvious to me. Nocturn. He started the year strong for sure (can't remember when exactly I got him, but he was one of my first 2007 sets).



E-T... Phone home.


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There were a lot of excellent sets in 07. I had a hard time choosing between Jaller Mahri, Nocturn, Hydraxon and Maxilos and Spinax. In the end I chose Maxilos and Spinax - it is the best iteration of Makuta Teridax hands-down: awesome creative build and innovative waist articulation. Not to mention Spinax himself was a pretty nice build all on its own.



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07 and 08 were good years, shame 09 was a let down. :(

Honestly, I don't know why 09 was a let down to so many. It had awesome colours and great sets like Strakk, Vorox, Skrall, and Kiina that realy set themselves apart from the trad Inika/Piraka design.


Also, I reiterate the colours. It was nice to finally break away from the bley/dark combo of the last 6 years.



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I ment bland personality wise.

oh I didn't even know they had personalities lol

Lol. Who was this "malum" person again?


Fire Tribe guy who was exiled for striking an opponent after the end of a match. He got the allegiance of an army of Vorox and used tricky to escape from Tuma. 


He's actually a pretty interesting character in actuality. Tarix, on the other hand...

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