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Quest For The Most Popular Set: 2009 - Bara Magna

Toa Malachives

Favourite set in 2009! Please do not vote for more than one set per year!  

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Hello BZPower! I'm on holiday and bored so I decided to make a poll that I hope will make clear the most popular Bionicle set.


How it works: I am going to be going year by year making a poll on which there is an option for every set of that year and when I close them (probably in 1st January 2015) I will make a new poll consisting of the winners of each one which people vote on. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE TWICE ON A SINGLE POLL! Thank you :D!


I will not be counting: anything that isn't Lego, the Turaga Kabaya, any combiners that were not released by themselves (e.g. I will count Kardas but not the Toa Kaita), super rare things like the Piraka Kaita or Sand Tarakava and things like mask packs or Krana.


I will be counting: any standard sets in canisters or boxes, promotional (good/bad guy sets, click, ect), special editions (including combiners like Irnakk) and play-sets.


Keep in mind that these sets are in the forms they are in in that year.


Bionicle 2015: this will be only Gen 1 unless I decide otherwise.


Links to other years (will be updated as uploaded):


2001: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16148-quest-for-the-most-popular-bionicle-set-of-all-time-2001-the-beginning/

2002: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16163-quest-for-the-popular-set-2002-the-swarms/?p=796972

2003: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16164-quest-for-the-most-popular-set-2003-the-challenge-to-the-nuva/?p=797011


2005: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16171-quest-for-the-most-popular-set-2005-darker-tones-and-the-visorak/?p=797330

2006: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16173-quest-for-the-most-popular-set-2006-yo-yo-piraka-and-old-matoran-given-new-life/?p=797400

2007: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16174-quest-for-the-most-popular-set-2007-into-the-darkness/

2008: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16184-quest-for-the-most-popular-set-2008-the-beginng-of-the-end/

2009: On it now!

2010: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16188-quest-for-the-best-set-2010-the-brown-dwarfs/


Feel free to point out anything I've missed or argue with what I will and will not be counting (and anything I've missed in those!)


*Malum and another Glatorian waiting to be picked for the fire tribe's Glatorian*


The other Glatorian, Incendium: Well it's down to me and you, good luck!


Malum: Good luck to you too, though I do hope I win.


Incendium: You probably will, you bet me in all the tests.


*Ackar walks in*


Ackar: We have decided that the winner of this competition is.....


*singing show winner announcement music*


Ackar: Incendium!


Malum: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!


Incendium: I am happy, but he did beat me in all the tests. What happened?


Ackar: Well, we are not hiring someone who's name literally means "bad" in Latin! This is a franchise with a story! Someone with that name is surely going to be evil!


Malum: Come on!


Random BZPower Member: Wow that was funny, not ):

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Toa Mata Nui is the one I voted for. He was the last set (other than the Stars) that I got before the original Bionicle line's cancellation. I love the overall construction of the set and I think it is awesome that it comes with the Kanohi Ignika in gold. 


It was an easy choice to vote for Toa Mata Nui, because I'm not much of a fan for most of the medium sized Glatorian sets. However, I really do like Tarix and Gelu's appearances.

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This was definitely one of my favorite years for sets due to all the bright colors and elemental motifs and whatnot. Had some really neat canister sets, like Strakk and Stronius, and I liked the first wave's titans too. But my favorite would almost definitely have to be Thornatus. Great shape, amazing parts, and it was just a big mean rollin machine. Lots of fun to play with.




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The 2009 sets were fantastic. I voted for Gelu, because his helmet and weapons are incredible, and I love the white-on-Metru blue that he used. I almost voted for the Thornatus, but the colors were a little simple, and his helmet was blegh...the only awesome parts he came with were the silver Krika mask/weapons, the Technic stuff (especially those big light grey rectangular parts), and the tan pieces (but I hardly build with tan...). The Skopio was amazing as well, maybe I would have voted for that if I owned it.


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Canister Mata Nui

Tahu; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Lewa; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Onua; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Kopaka; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Pohatu; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). Gali; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Kaukau (x). 

Vakama; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Matau; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Whenua; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Nuju; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Onewa; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). Nokama; Huna (x) Ruru (x) Komau (x) Mahiki (x) Matatu (x) Rau (x). 
Matoran; Hau (x) Pakari (x) Kakama (x) Miru (x) Akaku (x) Huna (x) 
Rahi; Infected Hau (x) Huna (x) Kakama (x) Komau (x) Pakari (x) Ruru ()

Promotional Kanohi - Vahi (x) Chrome Hau (x) Ruru (x) TNGM (x) Copper Huna (x) Copper Komau ()


An (x) means I have, a () means I dont.

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Gresh was my favorite. He looked awesome, had great weapons(who doesn't like Tonfa that combine into a shield?) and his helmet was too cool. He was also knight in shining armor story-wise and I liked that. 

"Avengers? Fantastic Four? X-Dudes? They can all kiss my bony, flammable plastic."- Johnathan Blaze (Ghost Rider Vol 7 0.1)

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It's been a while since I've voted for a canister set, but honestly, Mata Nui was the nicest set that year.


I mean, I liked all the sets. Pretty complex vehicles like the Skopio and Thornatus were very nice, we had some cool titans like Tuma and excellent original canister designs like Vorox and Kiina. Colour schemes were awesome and I loved that it returned to the bright, vibrant palette that used to define Bionicle.


The rest of them though? Pretty much just Inika/Piraka clones. Some cool new pieces but not enough to justify the boring builds.


But Mata Nui? Man he was the epitome of the Inika build. Took everything that worked about it... and added to it. The bottom leg armour, the different torso armour and nice distribution of colour - truly a pretty set. 


That being said, I only have 4 sets from 2009 which is a little sad...




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I unfortunately never got the Skopio, so my choice came down to Toa Mata-Nui and the Thornatus. But as much as I love Toa Mata-Nui, I have a weak spot for awesome vehicles, and voted for the Thornatus.

"What we see depends mainly on what we look for" -John Lubbock
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The Thornatus, narrowly. Cooler-looking than the other vehicles, while the canister sets seemed bland to me and the titans were simply boring.


Oh, and Turduk? Betrix? Stornius? Tons of typos!

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I chose the Skopio, just for its sheer size.  It's the biggest set I own, and it looks pretty imposing when standing up in scorpion mode.  Honorable mentions to Malum, Berix, and the Baranus.


 ^               Often lurking, occasionally writing about sets on BS01.                     

L     This link is a bit old, but there's still some good info about combiners there.


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