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Custom Hard-plastic Krana


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How did you do this? It's cool! I would imagine a 3d printer did these, but I'm not sure if you could use materials like that in one easily.



Γαρ επιστιμη!


Для науки!


For science!

(Literally, it means "For knowledge", but it can be taken as "For science")




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I think he may have used a small plastic injection machine or simply poured melted plastic into a mold. He would have either ground up the plastic into smaller pieces, or melted it slowly. Anyway, I can't tell what it was because these are basically finished products, and I see little sign of cleanup that he may have done.

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These are so cool :o


You might want to update your metal mask making topic though. After seeing these I was interested to see how it is done, and the page has gone a l'kapoot.



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I would be totally interested in seeing a tutorial or making of, for these!



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