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The GOLDEN IGORNice MOC. I like the hands, especially the rounded backs. It makes it look much more realistic.Also, the gold armor could be more distributed around the MOC, as opposed to all on the body and head. Then again, I kinda like the way it is.I one thing I dislike about this MOC is that its legs don't bend. Overall, pretty good.

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@Paleo: Thanks. I too dislike the lack of articulation, but I couldn't really find any other way to make a fitting leg.@Taipu1: Actually, the legs were created by a fellow named Brickeens. The original entry is in the archives, but I don't feel like being logged out :P@PooZy: Thanks@JohannD: Actually, if you see the arms, it is made with the new HF system, but during the time, black claddings weren't available. I have to agree on the eye problem. The only way I could connect it involved no eyes :\


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