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A House Divided


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A House Divided

By graywolf89




“Listen, we’ve got an update.”

“What is it?”

“We’re sending in another guy to help you out. ”

“Well, that was sudden. I thought you were low on manpower?”

“ She just came in from Piringa Nui. She’s got a clue about where the keybearer is. I’m sending you the coordinates where you’re to meet her.”

“Wait, how does she know about the-………..Nevermind. I got the coordinates.”

“Good. Good luck, and may Mata Nui protect the two of you.”


The mechanical clomp of footsteps echoed throughout the city block, partly muffled by the thick veil of darkness. The tall mechanical being, inconspicuous in daytime, was a mere shadow in the night. Bits of rubble crunched under his feet, and the shrills of mating viloflies occasionally drifted in, filling the void. He checked his wrist com. Seeing that he was close to the coordinates, he slowed down to catch his breath. Out in the middle of the road, he felt exposed; naked. It's not like there's anyone around to see me, he thought. The neighborhood's long gone. Pale, milky light emanated from Illya, the largest of Spherus Magna's moons. Although it was nearly dawn, moonlight was all that lit his path, for power, among other amenities, had been cut off from these parts of the city. He sat on a concrete slab in the middle of the street. Dust flew up, before settling on his armor. Illuminated by the moon, the scenic view around him: More concrete slabs, jagged rebar exposed, fallen telephone poles, wrecked cars, scattered scraps of clothing; a child's play doll. Confident he was alone with his thoughts, he gave himself additional light with his power and examined the locked case he carried with him. Why did I sign up for this? Anybody else could’ve taken up the job…He turned the case over. Or maybe not. Everyone else was too busy at the time.


He was not alone.


Unbeknownst to him, two other beings, who were organic, observed him from atop a wrecked parking garage about a hundred meters away. These beings were Glatorians, members of the eponymous warrior caste that had protected the Agori of Spherus Magna for thousands of generations. Both bore the mark of the Arkaian Phoenix upon their armor. One observed the mechanical being through night-vision binoculars; the other through a sniper rifle. They were prone. “We should take him out, Taz. He’s isolated.” whispered the being with the binoculars. In reply, Taz held up his left hand. “Hold on, Ray. I wanna see what he’s up to.”

“A single Toa is already dangerous enough. We have to kill him now.”

Taz looked at him through the scope of his LMR-60 rifle,  specifically designed to punch through Toa armor. Outlined in the hazy green of the night-sight, the Toa just sat there peacefully, almost motionless. Taz could tell his weapons still sheathed, and he appeared to be hunched over in a state of contemplation. Maybe he’s as tired of the fighting as I am, Taz thought. Maybe he just wants to go somewhere peaceful. “Taz, c’mon!” Ray snapped. “You gonna shoot him or not?” Taz sighed and bit his lip, and then waved a vilofly away from his face. Ray gently put a hand on Taz’s shoulder. “Let me do it then.” He grabbed the sniper rifle. “You were always the sentimental type, Taz.”




The Toa jumped from rooftop to rooftop, each landing denoted by a soft clack. She was a silent shade, a quick phantom under the pre-dawn dark. She had to be careful where she landed, for some rooftops had been weakened by shelling. Others had completely collapsed. The Toa checked her wrist com. She was close to the coordinates.







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Chapter 1 (Incomplete)

In the time, before time, the Great Beings ruled peacefully over Spherus Magna. Under their careful guidance, the Agori, Glatorian, and all other sapient life on the planet flourished. It was a time when greed and dishonesty were unknown; when suffering was not a fundamental part of life but rather a mere notion. The four Agori tribes lived in harmony with each other, and the Glatorian fought dangerous wild beasts that attacked the Agori, instead of each other. While the inhabitants of the planet lived in bliss, the Great Beings fulfilled their hunger for creation. Beautiful, magnificent cities were constructed all across Spherus Magna, spreading as far as the eye could see. There were gleaming silver towers that reached the heavens, intricately engraved walls of polished stone depicting legendary heroes; giant pyramids the color of sunlight.


But this time was not to last. The Agori of the Ice Tribe discovered energized protodermis, a substance of immense power within the planet’s core. The other tribes were at once fearful and jealous and warred over the substance, bringing ruin to Spherus Magna. The Great Beings saw how the war was destroying the planet, so they created a guardian, a Great Spirit to heal Spherus Magna. They named their creation Mata Nui and created the Matoran workers, who became Mata Nui’s chosen race, to maintain him. They also created the Toa warriors to protect the Matoran, as well as numerous other mechanical races to inhabit the Great Spirit.


However, before Mata Nui could repair the damage dealt, a great evil called the Makuta tried to harness his power to rule over the Matoran, Agori, Glatorian and Toa. A great battle was fought between Mata Nui and Makuta in the heavens over what remained of Spherus Magna. Down below, the Glatorian and Toa banded together to fight the Rahkshi, Makuta’s minions. Mata Nui was losing the fight, but fate was on his side and at the last second he was barely able to smite Makuta from existence. Mata Nui used what little energy he had left in his physical form to not only heal Spherus Magna, but to rejuvenate the planet with life, restoring it to the paradise it had once been. Mata Nui and the Great Beings then left Spherus Magna, each in their own self-imposed exiles. They were confident that the beings from the two worlds-the Agori and Glatorian of Spherus Magna, the Matoran, Toa, and other mechanical races of Mata Nui-would find a way to peacefully coexist. But it was not to be.          

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