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Deep within Okoto’s jungle, within the ruins of Ekimu’s ancient city, dwells this monstrous arachnid. Far bolder than any other spider on Okoto, it first made its presence known during the later years of the Skull Spider invasion. At first believed to be a coincidental nuisance or a predator of the smaller creatures, it quickly became apparent that it was actually controlling the spider horde. It wasn’t long before even the elders dubbed the entity “The Lord of Skull Spiders”.
The people of Okoto are hopeful that the Toa will be able to defeat this monster and put the infestation down for good, but many believe that the whole crisis is simply the precursor to still darker times ahead…
The creature is sometimes seen with a golden version of the Skull Spider Kanohi in its possession. Many believe that this mask is how the Lord controls the lesser Skull Spiders (and, by extension, whatever the spiders take control of). Rumor has it that this mask is actually Makuta’s lost Mask of Creation, picked up by the spider when Makuta tossed it away.


More pictures:

Top Photo





Vs, Protector

Vs. Toa


Also, before anyone says anything, the leg design was intentional. I was trying to go for a "mismatched monstrosity" look. Think of it as a (possibly desperate) way of trying to make the LOSS unique in some way. =p

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Amazing! I really like the revamp you gave him. Ive been pretty desperate to see someone make a revamp of him and I was wondering if his action is still there or if you just entirely redesigned the set. I enjoy the mismatched leg look as well and think it works pretty awesomely with LOSS. And I love the way you attached LOSS Golden Spider Mask to his back. I might purchase a couple more LOSS just to try to do something similar like this bc I really like how it came out!

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