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Persona: Sea of Djinn

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Persona, Persona, please come here!

Master Persona, Master Persona, please come to us!




On the coast of Rub Al Khali lies a beautiful metropolis - the city of al-Bareha. Originally a simple fishing village lying on the shore of the Persian Gulf, al-Bareha became a major centre of trade during the rule of the Umayyad Caliphs, its strategic position allowing it to be an economic hub of the Islamic world. It continued to serve in such a capacity even after the decline of the Islamic Caliphates, and following a period under the mighty British Empire, became an independent city-state.


al-Bareha’s wealth and prosperity did not fade in the modern era, its economy fuelled by the massive oil industry that sought to take advantage of the city’s untapped reserves. A highly multicultural city for its region, al-Bareha is home to a numerous number of people, ranging from foreign businessmen to refugees escaping political strife in neighbouring countries. Yet no matter the person, all come to al-Bareha in order to share in the wealth that it possesses.


Recently, strange events have plagued the city and its people. The sands of the Empty Quarter are stirring, their wild storms completely enveloping al-Bareha. Communications with the outside world regularly fail. Peculiar lights can be seen in the city outskirts, only to disappear into the desert without a trace. Objects move on their own. Mysterious forces are at work within al-Bareha, and their influence affects every aspect of life in the city.


As al-Bareha continues to retreat into the sands, it falls to those capable of tapping into the collective unconscious - the chosen of the butterfly - to decide its destiny.


They are the wielders of Persona.



Right, with that out of the way, what exactly am I supposed to do?

The city of al-Bareha is an enigma, a mystery beyond human comprehension. Only those who wield Persona, the mighty power to summon demons from within the sea of one’s soul, can truly understand what lies beneath its shining skyscrapers. That is the role you will take upon in this RPG, tapping into your Personae and the abilities they provide to unravel the secrets of the city.


At least, that’s the overall goal. Everything else is up to you. Whether you’re a confused citizen looking for the truth, a government worker attempting to reduce growing resentment amongst the populace, or a businessman thinking up ways to profit from the mysteries, you will have access to the power of a Persona (or maybe you won’t!) to ensure that your dreams are a reality. With al-Bareha becoming more and more isolated from the rest of the world, its fate will be influenced by your actions.



Hang on a minute, what is this Persona thing that you’re talking about?

A Persona is the manifestation of, in the words of Carl Jung, “a kind of mask, designed on one hand to make a definite impression on others, and on the other to conceal the true nature of the individual”. In essence, it is a supernatural phenomenon born from one’s own sense of self, and usually takes upon the image of either mythological, supernatural or historical figures. It is quite rare for one to manifest a Persona, but the unique circumstances surrounding al-Bareha have awakened this power within its citizens.


It is well within the capabilities of a Persona to utilise magic. Through both elemental powers, physical combat or other, more esoteric abilities (such as healing, mental compulsion or assisting in cartography), a Persona is able to channel their magic to fight, though it has been recorded that their presence may influence the way others perceive their wielders. These abilities are usually subject to the identity of the figures that the Persona is based on (such as Zeus having similar thunder powers to the god it mimics). They may also be immune to certain magics or abilities as well depending on their history and own powers. Yet due to their immense powers, they are a great burden on their wielders, and can only be summoned for short periods at a time. Also, if harm inflicted on a Persona is significant, the user may feel the pain of the blow.


The concept of Personae are heavily associated with Tarot Cards, with emphasis on the Major Arcana. Every Persona will be associated with one Arcanum, usually due to a Persona’s identity (which will commonly stem from mythology, history or the public domain) possessing the traits embodied by the Arcana. Humans are also assigned an Arcana based on their own personality, and if they possess the potential for a Persona, it will share the same Arcana as its wielder. In this RPG, the Fool, Judgement and the World are all restricted for players, as Persona of those Arcana are usually in possession of great power.


Persona-users are also enhanced by their powers in comparison to baseline humans. They are granted a greater resistance to the spiritual energies produced by Personae and other, more malicious entities, which include the beings known as Shadows. They are also slightly more resistant to physical damage, as their Personae will cushion some of the force involved, but not all. Their spiritual energies are also far more effective against supernatural entities than conventional firearms or melee weaponry. As such, it is difficult for a non-wielder to fight against them due to a lack of effective tools and resistance, although it is still possible for one to triumph.


In simpler terms, a Persona is a magical spirit summoned from one's mind to combat one's foes.



So how do the Major Arcana factor into this?

The Major Arcana are twenty-two cards of the Tarot Deck, all of which have been assigned allegorical or exoteric meanings. As stated prior, all humans will have an Arcanum that represents their personalities and motivations, one that is shared by their Persona. Depending on the Arcana (or more accurately, the wielder), a Persona will specialise in different roles and powers. For example, a cheery, optimistic person could likely be a member of the Sun Arcana, and would therefore possess a Persona that will use powers of fire or light (such as Horus or Apollo, who are sun gods in their respective mythologies). However, this is not completely set in stone, with some Personae breaking the mold (Heimdall and his ice powers yet part of the Sun).


The twenty-two Arcana (see above for a link to the Wikipedia page) are:

  • The Fool - Unavailable to players.

  • The Magician

  • The High Priestess

  • The Empress

  • The Emperor

  • The Hierophant

  • The Lovers

  • The Chariot

  • Justice

  • The Hermit

  • Wheel of Fortune

  • Strength

  • The Hanged Man

  • Death

  • Temperance

  • The Devil

  • The Tower

  • The Star

  • The Moon

  • The Sun

  • Judgement - Unavailable to players.

  • The World - Unavailable to players.


You mentioned a Shadow, what’s a Shadow?

According to Jungian psychology, a Shadow may refer to the aspects of one’s personality that are not consciously identified to exist within oneself. It is highly instinctive and irrational, traits shared by the corporeal creatures of the same name that exist in undisclosed areas of al-Bareha. These creatures are born from the negative emotions of humanity, and are both incredibly hostile and dangerous to every human they meet, capable of devouring minds and leaving their victims in a vegetative state. All Shadows share sickly golden eyes, but otherwise their eldritch appearances differ immensely from one another.


Persona-users are immune to the effects that other humans suffer, for a Persona and a Shadow are in actuality two sides of the same coin. If one loses control of their Persona, allowing it to run wild, it will be no different from the violent beasts that the Shadows are. Be warned, if your will falters or you begin to reject parts of your self, it will be ridiculously difficult to regain control, especially if the Persona is a powerful one.


Shadows must be approached with extreme caution. Especially those that seem human.



Groups of note in al-Bareha

While the citizens of the Arabian city-state are many, with all possessing their own, distinct ambitions and motivations, there are also a number of consolidated groups that hold some influence, especially in regards to the mysterious happenings that have begun to plague al-Bareha of recent. Although not all-powerful and still subject to the law of the nation (even if certain groups disregard it), they are still heavily involved in the city, and are usually on the front lines in dealing with the supernatural.


Al-Bareha Defence Force (ABDF) - the armed forces of al-Bareha are small in number, though quite capable as proved by their participation in the Gulf War of 1990. Their presence within the city is rarely felt, but the recent establishment of a small stockade on the outskirts have shown that they are aware of the mysterious happenings. While they are passive actors compared to other groups, it would be wise to avoid garnering their ire.


Al-Bareha Police Authority (ABPA) - even in these troubled times, the police forces of the city-state are dedicated to upholding justice and the law on the streets of al-Bareha, fighting petty crooks to criminal gangs and even the odd terrorist or two. The appearance of the supernatural, however, has proved to be beyond their capabilities, and in response the police have formed a new department to handle any problems.

  • Special Investigations Department - established in response to the mysterious incidents that occur throughout the city and the recent spate of Persona-assisted burglaries, the Special Investigations Department primarily focuses on combating the more supernatural aspects of crime, seeking to develop ways to prevent criminals from abusing the advantages of any Persona. Their progress in doing so has been stalled, but there are a number of Persona-users within the ranks of the department, one of which is their leader, Captain Jalil Khoshkam.


Roadkill Group - originally a London gang renowned for its rivalry with the Taiwanese Tien Tao Lien, the al-Bareha branch of the gang has prospered greatly under the leadership of Mitch “Pinkie” Michaels, matching even its England-based brother in wealth and influence. As the biggest player in organised crime in the city, the Group deals in smuggling (of both illegal groups and people), extortion and drugs, and are also rumoured to be connected in some manner to local corporations.


Kashihara Pharmaceuticals - a successful pharmaceutical company in Japan, the al-Bareha branch has made its headquarters at 12 Elizabeth Road, and own several warehouses in the general vicinity. Renowned for their reasonable prices and heavy investment into research and development, Kashihara is incredibly popular in the city-state, and have provided numerous jobs. Their main building and warehouses all have incredible security, and it is near impossible to learn of their secrets. In recent times, they have been researching Personae, and hold considerable scientific data that can only be matched (and only barely) by the government itself.



Useful and snazzy places to check out

Al-Bareha is fairly large, possessing all sorts of establishments, parks and what-not. This makes it difficult for tourists (and even natives at times) to find the best that the city offers, so a few starting points/interesting places have been listed to help out.


Velvet Room - a coffeehouse secluded away on a small, inner city street, the Velvet Room’s renowned for its atmosphere and service, and holds five out of five stars on Yelp out of twenty reviews. The majority of the business is a calm blue, from the decor to the three siblings who essentially run the café. The only exceptions are the blindfolded piano player, soprano singer and the manager, a long-nosed hunchback by the name of Igor. Though all manners of people frequent the establishment, Persona-users may wish to seek out the latter’s advice on all matters supernatural. Note: Igor will be played by a GM, so please get in contact with one of them if you want his knowledge.


Mallville - the biggest shopping complex in the Middle East. Both citizens and tourists will frequently visit “Mallville” in search of all sorts of goods and services. From toys to clothes to garden tools to burgers, basically everything can be found here.


Aleph’s Antiques - a dusty old antiques store/pawn shop/junk shop near the docks, Aleph’s Antiques also supplies a large variety of working replicas of historical weaponry. It is rumoured that the pretty boy owner possesses some “supernaturally-aligned” tools as well, but few dare ask in fear of retaliation from his possible gang connections.



The profile template

Here in Sea of Djinn, there are two separate templates for profiles, with one being your actual character, and the other (if you have one) for your Persona.





Arcana: (Which of the Major Arcana fits your character’s personality?)

Weaponry and Tools: (Please be reasonable, and keep in mind that as a member of the Commonwealth, al-Bareha possesses far stricter gun laws than in the United States.)

Skills: (What is your character good at doing?)








Name: (What is the name of the entity born from your own personality?)

Origin: (What is it based off?)

Appearance: (What does this Persona look like? Even if its origin is human, a Persona’s appearance is usually incredibly strange, even if humanoid.)

Powers and Abilities: (What can it do? Is it physically strong? Capable of elemental magics? Good at identifying things?)



The rules of the game

  1. No godmodding in here: don’t metagame, bunny, autohit or do other ridiculous things that should be beyond your character’s capabilities.

  2. When posting, use IC for character posts and OOC for anything that you want to say out of character.
  3. Please attempt to treat your fellow players with a modicum of respect.
  4. Profiles must be posted in the discussion topic for approval.
  5. No OOC-only posts in the game topic. Please put them in the discussion topic.
  6. Follow all BZPower rules.


The staff of this game

Purple God (Hubert) and Purple Devil (Onarax) are the GMs. Please contact them if necessary.

Edited by Umi Tryon
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Witnesses say bus disappeared "into thin air"

Mon, Aug 24 2015 | Ruth Erter


With thousands of al-Barehan citizens gathered in Elizabeth Square to protest the Government's funding cut of $250 million US dollars from the beloved EBC broadcaster, few were present to notice the mysterious disappearance of a bus from the intersection of Batha St and Al Diyar Rd on Sunday night.


According to witnesses present at the scene, the bus had stopped at a red light when it suddenly "winked out of existence", leaving absolutely no trace of its presence. No existing signs of the supernatural were reported elsewhere in the suburb. The Police Authority has issued an investigation into the matter.




Mystery bus claims another victim

Sat, Aug 29 2015 | Ruth Erter


Another member of the police taskforce assigned to investigate the bus that disappeared on Monday has been found dead. Sgt. Ahmed Kassab, 34, was discovered by his coworkers at his home after failing to attend the investigation meeting. Much like the previous death of his colleague, Wafid Khouri, 54, there were no signs of entry or struggle at the scene. No injuries were apparent on either victim, both having died mysteriously in their beds.


Kassab, who lived alone, had been awarded the Order of al-Bareha by the Governor-General earlier this year. Both his colleagues and numerous citizens had praised his exceptional devotion to duty and strength of character.




Persona-user implicated in bus disappearance

Fri, Sept 4 2015 | Ruth Erter


The police are now treating the investigation into the missing bus as a possible kidnapping. Security cameras from a restaurant further down Al Diyar Rd caught footage of a man walking away from the scene five minutes after the disappearance, with an entity that has been confirmed to be a Persona floating beside him. While he appears to disappear after two seconds, the presence of this unknown man has changed the investigation's approach


"These few seconds of blurry footage have given us a new lead," said Inspector Omar Hatami, speaking on behalf of the Police Authority's Special Investigations unit. "With something solid to work with, the families of the missing will be able to know what happened to their loved ones."


The department has also asked for public cooperation, reaching out to all citizens to assist them in identifying the mysterious Persona-user.

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IC: Yasmin



Yasmin needed a coffee.


Given that she was part of the Special Investigations group, when the possibility of a Persona user being involved in this bus disappearance case, it had fallen on her unit to work on it. Still, she was confused. What did this man have to do with the bus disappearances? Was he responsible for the killings of the two ABPA officers?


And how do you make a bus disappear into thin air, never to appear again, Persona or not?


Could this be the result of illusion powers? Teleportation powers? The eyewitness reports didn't mention anything about portals, so that was out. And if it was illusion, that meant that there was either a really strong Persona or multiple Personae with similar powers involved. And where were they taking these buses?


The other matter, the murder of the two officers, seemed easier to answer. Perhaps intangibility, combined with psychic assault? They would have to wait for the autopsy reports to be revealed in order to make progress on that front though.


Or maybe Yasmin was jumping to weird conclusions. Who was she to know what possible powers Personae had?

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IC: Jake


Jake sighed as he trudged home after a long day at work. There had been way too many customers sticking around way too long talking way too much about the bus accidents. That, and his replacement hadn't showed up, meaning that he was running around the kitchen the entire day. Fun.


On approaching the street that was the home of the al-Barehan Police Department, he took a left to avoid the place out of habit. Instead of risking a panic attack from seeing an officer with a gun on his/her hip, he simply took a detour of two blocks before continuing on his way to his apartment.


I'm too tired for patrol tonight, even with this disappearing bus thing going around. It was no where near my area anyway... Jake's thoughts trailed off, and he continued trudging home.

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Jack Workman was the type for going off on his lonesome, so when his boss asked him to stay behind to close up tonight, he offered no complaints. "Closing up" was really just shorthand for "lock the doors, turn off the lights, count the money in the registers, put it in the safe, read whatever books you want, and go home. Be sure to be back by noon tomorrow for work".


So Jack stayed behind, staying till his China-made wristwatch told him it was about eleven in his timezone, and quickly got his done so he was able to leave at eleven thirty.


Which he did. Which was why he was walking home at eleven o'clock at night.

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IC (Morgan Whatley)


Sands swirling around the city. Strange lights glimpsed on the outskirts of the city. Buses vanishing into thin air. Reports of objects moving, evidently, of their own power. And the reports from the local government? Worse then useless. Every instinct Morgan had told him something big was coming. He had decided he wouldn't just stand by and watch, twiddle his thumbs and wait for the police, the government, the defense forces..whoever to solve it, if they were even capable of it.  This was, in part, the reason he and a fellow officer within in the Diplomatic Service's security branch were sitting in a Land Rover Defender, painted in the blue of the service, at a red light. There were always ways to get the pulse of a situation, the ebb and flow....and sitting behind one's desk was not often one of those ways.


He knew of two locations that might yield some answers. The Velvet Room and an old, fairly obscure store at the docks, claiming to deal in antiques. From what he'd been able to gather it also dealt in slightly....stranger...items. They were rumors of a gang connections and the like, but unless the criminals wished to garner the ire of the Republic of Val Verde and risk a shootout with his men, he didn't expect much to come of a few questions. The Velvet Room had a better reputation certainly, but if there was one thing Whatley knew from his days in the Intelligence Directorate, those who attempted to stay hidden, obscure or unimportant often knew more then those who made no such efforts.


The light switched to green and without a word, his driver/fellow member urged the rover forwards. Not for the first time he wished going about with a firearm wouldn't unleash a diplomatic quagmire. Batons and tasers only went so far after all. He could smell salt in the air and to his unpleasant non-surprise, fish as well. The docks. "We're getting close Enrique. Just ahead." The other man nodded silently, pulled the rover alongside the storefront. 


"I'll keep her idling sir. Anything I should watch out for?"


Morgan smiled humorlessly as he swung open the door. "Oh, just sandstorms, strange lights, vanishing vehicles....the usual." 

I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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NPC: Aleph's Antiques


The first thing that Morgan noticed as he entered the door was the dust that permeated the establishment. From the tops of shelves and the broken dolls in the corner to the air that the security guard was breathing in, all but the pretty-boy owner and the rack of antique weapons that hung from the wall behind him suffered the oppression of dust. It was an old store, one that had experienced years and years of dead skin cells flaking off its human guests, accumulating within. Many had passed through the doors in search of something, and whether or not they had found that something, they had left their mark on the store. There was history behind it all.


But it was still incredibly suffocating.


"Welcome sir," said the man behind the counter. His eyes, spaced evenly between his small, pointed nose, were a steely grey, and accentuated by long lashes that brought about a sense of expectation. They sat beneath his thick black brows slanted downwards (as if they were extensions of his pronounced nasal bridge in a questioning manner. His cheekbones were high and wide, and the skin of his cheeks was eerily pale. His full lips were parted, their peach tinge filled with life and vigour. Beautiful black locks flowed down from his head, some brushing against his rounded, yet prominent, jaw.


Aleph was a beautiful man. He wore a sleeveless black vest, one that was quite endearing to his lean yet somewhat muscular build.


"Is there anything I can help you with?" he asked, straightening to his full height. "Interested in any of my-"


He coughed hard.


"Sorry, place is a bit dusty," Aleph continued upon recovering. "Really need to clean it at some point."




NPC: Autopsy Report


"Double E!" called an officer, popping his head into the room that Clara and Yasmin were both present within. "Autopsy report's here."


He ambled over to their desk, handing the documents over to them. With a jaunty wave, he promptly left the room.



Investigative Agency: Al-Bareha Police Authority Special Investigations Department

Date and Hour Autopsy Performed:

5/12/2015; 5.30 P.M. by


Rashid Abdul, MD.

33 King George Avenue

Elizabeth District, 44592

043-958-788 (FAX 043-958-790)


Assistant: John Smith, MD.


Name: KASSAB, Ahmed

Date of Birth: 23/3/1981

Age: 34

Race: Arabic

Sex: Male

Date of Death: 29/8/2015

Time of Death: Body temperature, rigor and livor mortis, and stomach contents approximate the time of death between 5:30 and 10:30 A.M. on 29/8/2015.



  • Heavy chemical imbalance detected in the brain.
  • Disfigurement present in the cerebellum; similarity to bite marks.


Name: KHOURI, Wafid Uthal

Date of Birth: 9/7/1961

Age: 54

Race: Arabic

Sex: Male

Date of Death: 26/8/2015

Time of Death: Body temperature, rigor and livor mortis, and stomach contents approximate the time of death between 6:30 and 8:30 P.M. on 26/8/2015.



  • Heavy chemical imbalance detected in the brain.
  • Disfigurement present in the cerebellum; similarity to bite marks.


Coroner Opinion:



The state in which both bodies were found were exactly the same. Both died in their bed with no apparent cause. There were no physical deformities that could explain, nor was there any foreign substance present within their body that could either. However, both developed "bite marks" on their cerebellum, and the chemical imbalance present in their brains was beyond accepted levels.


Cause of Death: Unknown.

Edited by Purple God
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IC (Morgan Whatley)


To his credit Morgan caught his jaw before it could hit the floor. It did, however, take quite a bit of effort on his part. The man looked like he'd walked off the cover of a fashion magazine. Considering how strange things were getting in the city, that honestly wouldn't have surprised Whatley at this point. Morgan felt a smile a slip across his face, a very genuine one at that. The idea of finally getting some answers, something to go on, on why exactly the city had decided that reality just didn't mean anything anymore was very pleasing...and the view certainly didn't hurt. Not at all. "Pleasure to meet you." Morgan snapped off a quick salute. "I'm Mr. Whatley. Head of security over at the Val Verde embassy." Morgan looked over the shop....and while he hadn't truly planned on buying anything, some of the historical recreations couldn't help but draw the eye. "I do have some questions, if you don't mind. From what I've heard you might be able to help me with them. If you don't mind that is."

Edited by Basilisk

I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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NPC: Aleph's Antiques


"Oh?" said Aleph, a spark of curiosity leaping into his eyes as he drummed his long fingers against the dusty counter. "What could a man from Val Verde require my expertise in ..."


He gestured wildly at the products in his store; from the historical recreations to the strange-looking toys to the mishmash of objects that people had pawned off to him.


"... this? Or is there something else you need to ask me?"

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IC (Morgan Whatley)


"I won't lie. I came here with a very different set of questions. But..." Morgan approached what appeared to be a fairly high-quality recreation of a Persian Shamshir. "What can you tell me about this piece? I confess to a certain affinity for curved blades. I blame mother. You can't a raise a boy on tales of pirates and high Barbary and expect anything else." 

I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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NPC: Aleph's Antiques


"Your mother had good taste in bedtime stories," noted Aleph, leaning over the counter to look more carefully at the aforementioned blade. "Ah, that shamshir's a replica of one owned by a nobleman who served under Shah Abbas. The real one's in this store as well, actually. Made of wootz steel even."

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IC (Morgan Whatley)


Whatley didn't consider himself a historian, or much of an antiquarian. That said, one didn't spend a few years in the middle east without picking a few things up, be it from books or pure cultural osmosis. Every instinct he had told him he couldn't possibly afford such a thing, not on his salary, not without digging into his retirement fund. Which he'd started to build after he'd met.....best not to think about him. Not now. The last thing he wanted was a breakdown in front of a complete and possibly dangerous stranger. "Really? That's....that's well, amazing. I don't suppose I could see it?" 

I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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NPC: Aleph's Antiques


"I don't see why not?" replied the store owner with a carefree smile. "It's in the back; stay here while I go grab it for you."


Aleph disappeared through the door behind his counter. A minute passed. He emerged, a plain-looking, transparent case present in his arms. With deft care, he placed it gently on the counter, and beckoned for Morgan to come over and take a look.


"It has a Dehlishahi hilt, as you can see," he explained, gesturing at the the circular disc pommel and oval grip. "Made of iron, though it's covered with a thick layer of silver."


The shamshir was still in good condition, especially for a blade that had been forged at least four hundred years prior. At an overall length one hundred centimeters, it was easy to imagine the weapon cutting apart all who dared stand in its path. Unlike what would have been expected of a nobleman's sword, there were no inscriptions upon its surface; no verses from the Qu'ran; no name to signify who its wielder had been. A sheath sat beside it, but in the presence of such a grand weapon, the maroon-covered wood was insignificant in comparison.

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IC (Morgan Whatley)


"You can tell alot about a man from his weapons. It used to be so at least. You still glimpse some of the truth of him in a fight....but this sword. I think it speaks louder then seeing the man himself in battle ever could. No markings. No markings. No calls to Allah. Whoever wielded it....I think....he served no gods, needed no glory. I wonder what he did fight for." Morgan's voice had gone soft, contemplative. He seemed to catch himself as he finished the sentence, smile slipping back onto his face. "Ah. Sorry. I...thank you for showing me this. Truly." Morgan took off his sunglasses, lightly brushing off some of the dust that stuck to them. "You must be very gifted at your trade, to have found such a treasure."

Edited by Basilisk

I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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