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Feedback on Hair Elements from LEGO Friends/Disney Princess

Black Six

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LEGO would like to hear from you all on the following topic:


We would like your LUGs' feedback on the soft hair elements used in the LEGO Friends theme and the LEGO Disney Princess sets. Feedback can range from touch and feel to usability and playvalue.

All is valid, we want the negative and positive feedback.



To supply LEGO Quality with valuable insights on the soft hair elements from high affinity consumers (that's YOU - our experts)

So let us know what you think!
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The rubber ones aren't as painful to step on. That's a plus.

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Yeah, it's kind of hard to have a real solid opinion of them. They work; despite being rubbery, they tend not to get bent out of shape for me, anyways. I guess one issue is that some of them don't have a very solid grip. But the examples of this that come to my mind are from the Collectible Minifigures series, and they may have a lower standard of quality than Friends and Princesses. (I'm thinking of the tall hair from the Series 5 Cave Woman. But while the piece originated from that fig, I know that mold has been used in official sets, and I can't speak to how it works in any of them since I don't think I've picked any up.)


All in all, not really something I have a strong opinion on, but I guess that's better than having a bad opinion about em. :shrugs:



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Copied and pasted from The New Elementary:


I like the soft hair pieces for a number of reasons. For one, I just like the way they feel. For another, they actually LOOK softer than the plastic hair pieces, which helps avert the "ken doll effect". Also, the flexibility gives some of the mini-dolls like Stephanie a bit more of a range of motion than they'd have with rigid hair pieces.


And finally, I know part of the reason for using rubber for certain pieces is to allow thin, crisp details like the sharp points on the hair from the Exo-Force theme or Yoda's ears from LEGO Star Wars. I'd hate to lose the potential for that kind of crispness of detail just so LEGO hair could be "more consistent".


I haven't encountered any issues with the rubber hair pieces coming off too easily or anything like that. But of course, I only have a couple LEGO Friends sets.


One thing I haven't yet tested with the hair is its potential for customization. I have plans to try painting some LEGO Friends hair in order to create my own custom mini-dolls, but I don't know how well the paint will hold.

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